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    Phil Morse, post: 3253 wrote: Why do you say that Alex?

    I have a feeling that he’s laughing at us. :p

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    mr_john, post: 2988 wrote: u sure about that can’t play a keyboard part? I mean IDK either, but he’s got all these pianos in his house n stuff I would assume he knows….

    I’ve got a keyboard but I can’t “play it”. I stuff around until I find some sounds and patterns that I like, then I record it into Ableton Live and neaten it up.

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    Christopher A Johnson, post: 2922 wrote: I need some clarification here. Are we talking about picking songs and order before a gig. Or recording a mix at home and then playing it back at a gig?

    I think we’re talking about mini-mashups. Pilotmike327 wants to sample a few tracks and mix it into a track he’s playing. I personally think that it’d be fair to pre-record that sort of thing if you want to use it regularly, unless you intend to become a mashup performer, in which case, pre-recorded mashups would be like a club DJ pre-recording his mixes.

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    Take every cable/adapter/converter you possibly can. I was told once that the system I’d be plugging into took stereo-paired RCA. I discovered upon arrival that it took stereo-paired quarter inch TS. If I hadn’t decided to pack my stereo-paired TS cable that morning I would’ve been completely screwed!


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    I find that doing things with ears and BPM readouts (on properly beatgridded track, of course) is a nice balance between looking busy and speed. I usually only use sync if I’m really pressed for time or otherwise stressed out, or if I’m doing some crazy transition (like dubstep to DnB) that my pitch faders aren’t long enough for.

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    In the meantime, I’ve attached the TSI and nanoPad Kontrol Editor files. It uses scene three for mixer. Not shown in the video is the FX controls I’ve been using on scene 4. For those of you without nanoPads… you’re probably going to have to remap most of it. Watch the video to get the idea of what’s going on, then it should just be a matter of running through it all with learn on and lots of button pushing.

    BAM! The versatility of pad controllers! You can use them for literally anything. I made that mapping in under an hour, just as a guess. Probably less, I was timing from when I dragged myself out of bed to when I started videoing.

    Attached files (33.5 KB)

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    It probably could do away with jogs+mixer, actually. As I said earlier in this thread, the XY pad and some cleverly configured pads can be used to emulate a set of faders. That’d be an easy enough mixer. All you need then is some pitchbend buttons and you’re set!

    I know it would be less than optimal, but now that I’m on holidays (last day of semester was today) I have a bit of time to work on stupid stuff like this, so I’ll see what I can do with my pads. If not just for laughs, then to demonstrate the versatility of Traktor mappings and pad controllers.

    EDIT: Leaving this thread open on my computer overnight so I don’t forget. Going to bed now. Hey, future self, don’t be so damn lazy, ’tis easy. Youtube it. Yup.

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    … brb playing Deus Ex.
    LATERS! *runs away into the distance*

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    Prof. Deusc, post: 2601 wrote: The best is probably the old “Deus Ex”

    I bought that on Steam a little while ago in the Square Enix pack (I love me some sale packs) along with its sequel. I’ve really got to get around to playing it.

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    … Defraggler is free. The payment is for priority tech support.

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    I signed up with my junk mail account. Ah well, as long as you’ve got them. Just in case you haven’t figured it out, the stems are at 140 BPM. I’d also recommend listening to the original closely and listening for where each stem fits in.

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    Phil Morse, post: 2570 wrote: I experimented wirh DJing with a Midi keyboard before decent controllers existed.

    Oh really? How’d that go? What setup did you have going?

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    U31, post: 2380 wrote: Anyone who’s DJ name begins with DJ….

    I just do that because it makes it absolutely clear what I do.

    “You don’t scratch, DJs scratch”. GTFO, they’re turntablists, not DJs (IMHO, turntablism is separate to DJing, the skills are so different, but still similar… like bus-driving and racecar-driving).

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    So the first guys a 10 minute mix, then passes it on to the next guy who makes his own 10 minute mix, then mixes it onto the end and passes the whole thing on, and so on? That’s awesome.

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    Well, if you want to use every single function, then yes. The RMX is good base controller, but if iztik needs more buttons to push and more knobs to twiddle, he can buy more then. There’s no reason to buy the biggest controller straight away. I’ve seen DJs who use swarms of smaller controllers.

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