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    I’m fairly sure that that only applies to music from the Music Australia collection. However, the links in the text have led to some interesting and useful results. I think I should be able to figure the rest of it out from here. Thanks Emma!

    EDIT: I’ve done a bit of research, and as far as I can tell, it’s the venue’s responsibility to be licensed, but the DJ’s responsibility to make sure that the venue is licensed, except for mobile DJs, who should buy a license to cover themselves.

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    Emma Partnow, post: 2465 wrote: Hello Benny :);
    I have just listened to your ‘Chase & Status’ Remix; and the Hours you spent on it were Definitely Worth It; as it is Faultless 😎 😎

    THANKS =D So happy 🙂 You should grab the stems from Chase & Status’s site, the vocals especially are good fun.

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    Get Defraggler for defragmenting your HDD. It works a fair bit better, visualises everything a WHOLE lot better (which nerds like myself love) and has a whole heap of extra features, like only defragging specific files/folders (defrag just your music collection pre-gig).

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    Haha 🙂 I’m just saying that if you plug an iPod into a club mixer it’s probably a very bad idea to turn the iPod all the way up, unless you’re playing to an audience that likes clipping.

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    Beatmaster Mills, post: 2436 wrote: I planned on using an Oxygen8 keyboard for controlling fx and cue points, but I haven’t really found anyone else that does the same. Is there a reason that I shouldn’t use it for this?

    I actually just wrote in this thread that you can DJ with MIDI keys if you wanted to. If you think an Oxygen8 would work well for you, then go for it! I’d imagine it would be a lot like pads, but with a LOT more pads.

    djsubculture, post: 2511 wrote: All I’m using is a pair of Kontrol X-1’s. I was thinking about replacing them with a pair of Midi Fighters, but nah…

    Why replace them? Keep them around if you can. The more ways you have of doing something, the more fluid everything can be. Experiment with your setup, see what works.

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    Andrea Negri, post: 2430 wrote: I think RMX is not the best with Traktor in general…

    Any MIDI device is fine with Traktor. It’s just that some aren’t pre-mapped and some are. You can DJ with MIDI keys if you want to. The RMX will be fine once he has it mapped properly. Mapping it manually will also give him a look at how it’s all set up, so he can remap unused buttons to other functions.

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    D-Jam, post: 2104 wrote: My brother and I were fans of “Facing Worlds” in UT.

    =D I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE! YEAH! I love that map so much. That map by itself was the video game of my childhood :L I like a lot of the variations that other people and other UT games have made of that map. I spent countless hours sitting on top of the tower, telling my team to stay on defence and just picking off the other team with a sniper rifle. M-m-m-monster kill (kill kill [SIZE=2]kill[/SIZE] kill) with just headshots. W00t.

    Now I’m more into MC and Terraria, been playing a bit of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 since I discovered it in my Steam library (I think I accidentally acquired it with the Ubisoft pack when it was on sale). I’ve always loved Portal and Portal 2 but the replayability is practically non-existent to me. I also used to play TF2 until it turned into a hat-trading MMORPG, now I just can’t stand it because everything is based on these stupid weapons. It used to be skill and teamwork! :'( Of course, I’ve always played with GMod a bit. I used to be a hardcore GModder until the server I played on started filling with mingebags (GMod term for griefers, FYI) and the regulars stopped showing up. ‘Twas a sad day when I collected my adv. dupes and left.

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    It REALLY annoys me when people say this sort of thing. I played at my school a little while ago and people have been thinking that I’m just playing songs off my laptop… 0.o did they not notice that there was not a single break in the beat for the 35 minutes I was playing? UGH 😡 that frustrates me so much. I have a few friends that appreciate it though, at least a little bit. They know a lot of the tunes I play, so they’ll hear a tune they know coming in and start getting hyped for it.

    jezalenko, post: 2377 wrote: All I can say is like DJ GRE – hand them your decks and let them show you how easy it is!

    I would do that frequently if not for the fact that I value my gear 😛 I’m not skilled enough to be an elitist prick but there is no way I’m letting some uneducated twerp touch my stuff.

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    iztik21, post: 2063 wrote: right now I have the TSI file but Deck Volumes and Xfader arent working.

    any idea would be a big help!

    Idea: stop depending on other people’s TSIs and learn MIDI mapping for yourself. It’s not that hard. It really does unlock a whole new level of possibilities. There’s a bajillion tutorials for it out there and I figured out most of it by myself.

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    Haha, “should”. So what happens if they don’t? Also, do I have to provide them with tracklistings? If so, what should they include?

    U31, post: 2398 wrote: The output from the ipod will be line level so the house mixer will handle it just fine..

    I have a feeling that iPods and iPhones put out significantly more than line-level, so that they “drive” the earphones/headphones (because consumers like ear-damaging volumes). That said, the extent my testing is comparing the maximum volume of a friend’s iPod through my headphones to the maximum volume of my phone through the same headphones. I just compared my phone to my laptop using the same headphones and my phone is only very slightly louder. iPods seem to be able to push out a LOT more noise than my laptop or my phone can.

    Can somebody with an iPod and a proper hardware mixer test this for us?

    in reply to: Traktor 2 – DDJT1 Edition #2416

    Woah, what? I don’t have any of those problems. Was it the actual software, or is it just a clunky mapping? I’m using the S4 with TP2, not the DDJT1, and it feels pretty good to me. There is definitely a pitch fader display, though I think there might be an option to disable it in the settings. You can turn most interface elements on and off in TP2. There are heaps of advantages too. Sample decks and the loop recorder are definitely the best advantages.

    Just get the TP2 upgrade if it’s free, you have nothing to lose. It installs alongside (separate from) TP1, so you can have them both installed and and use them both as separate programs at any time. Switch from one to the other in between sets, if you want to. TP2 is completely separate.

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    Jem, post: 2296 wrote: This is the answer to mixing ‘pellas really isn’t it.

    Just about, yeah. I did a remix of Chase & Status’ Time (see my soundcloud, link in sig) using Ableton Live, and figuring out how to fit the vocals into the music was a PAIN! I had to lay down the start point, listen to it, shuffle the start back a beat or two, listen to it, shuffle it forward half a beat… not a lot of fun. Still, once I got it done I spent hours live-remixing the track to myself. Hehehe :3 Worth it in the end.

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    iztik21, post: 2286 wrote: i’m planning to buy Korg Nano Pad, any good reviews on it?

    I’ve got one of those! Gen 1, not gen 2, BTW, though I’d imagine that gen 2 could only be better. It does exactly what it should. The roll/flam can’t be synced to external sources, but I don’t use them anyway.

    I use mine for effects decks 3 and 4 in Traktor. Nothing fancy with velocity, so it could be buttons for that (velocity is handy for drumming in Ableton though). I have the nanopad rotated 90 degrees from the “intended” position, XY pad on the far side. Left side is deck 3, right side is deck 4. I’ve mapped out deck on/offs, dry/wet and the three effects to the buttons on each side. Pushing an effect button turns the effect on and enables the Y axis to control its fader, pushing dry/wet button enables the Y to adjust the dry/wet. I’m still rearranging it and tweaking it, but I’ll make sure I upload the relevant nanopad configurations and TSIs to match once I have it all set up perfectly.

    For those considering buying any sort of pads for DJing, I would say GET IT! Make sure it’s on that’s intended for drumming, so that the notes turn off on release (the buttons on the S4 act as toggles, for example). Map it out to effects and it is seriously the most fun you will have with the effects. Using the one XY pad is a little bit clumsier than a bunch of separate faders/knobs, but at the same time more intuitive and playful.

    ellgieff, post: 2329 wrote: moar blinkenlights and buttons seems like it’s full of win.


    in reply to: the crappest DJ you've seen? #2389

    Howitzer, post: 2262 wrote: Too true, ive seen a few DJ’s round my area flangering at every possible moment, literally every transition for the hour I was in there was excentuated by way too much flanger. Its like a kid with a new toy!

    Oh no, he wasn’t using it for transitions. He was just throwing them in the middle of a song, not even in time with the beat. He wasn’t using it for pre-chorus buildups or anything, he’d just throw it in whenever. UGH!

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