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    They have physical stores in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. I live in Canberra, so I’ve been dealing with them via Internet and sometimes phone. The staff (in the Mel and Syd stores at least, don’t think I’ve talked to Bris) are the most helpful and friendly guys I’ve ever talked to. I’m not even exaggerating, they are just so awesome. They’ll give you tech support, advise you on what sort of gear you might need (they saved me from all kinds of trouble by suggesting I buy some some TS cables as well as RCA, which I hadn’t even considered). They were more than happy to replace my headphones when one side randomly died mid-use, I just mailed them up and they mailed a working pair back.

    10/10 for them!

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    I went to a teenage dance night a while ago. The DJ was just… ugh. Like, he played good tunes for the crowd, but only by fluke. He was playing top 40, and teenagers in my city seem to consist of 80% top 40 fans, 19% metalheads and 1% me and my friends (plus/minus 1% >.<). He was playing tunes at all the wrong times. I've never really had a crowd to try to work with, but even I was thinking "Oh no no not that track you're gonna kill the dance floor, nooo, please be some dance remix, no, no it isn't, no, you lost them…". He couldn't beatmix at all, just fading outro to intro. When he wasn't doing that, he was screwing with the flangers and filters, which was TERRIBLE because the system was very treble-heavy and it was literally painful.

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    Emma Partnow, post: 2126 wrote: SoundCloud is my Main Source for Audio these days as I like to Promote New Producers; and the ‘Discovery’ of Audio ‘Outside Of The Mainstream’ is something I find Really Exciting 🙂

    I understand that one! I love some of the less well known stuff. There’s always some really unique sounds out there.

    I also buy a lot of tunes off Beatport (only recently started buying music legitimately, so about half of my purchases thus far have been rebuying tracks I love).

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    I am not a fan of drugs in any context. I don’t even like taking Panadol unless the doctor says so. I think that taking drugs when you’re out at any sort of performance is a bit disrespectful, because it’s sorta saying that you don’t feel the performer can give you a good enough time by them/him/herself.

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    My IT teacher let us listen to music (headphones/ear buds, of course) during class, which is pretty awesome. We aren’t even supposed to have phones/iPods out of our lockers at school. Unfortunately, we’re getting a new teacher next semester (next time I go back to class, basically. Just finished exams).

    DJ Max D., post: 1818 wrote: Condoms 😎

    (sorry, I had to)


    (Don’t they just live in your wallet anyway? Would your wallet not normally be with you?)

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    You’ll find a use for them once you have them to play with. You can throw loops in there too. As for the waveforms, they obviously can’t show you everything that’s going on. There’s no replacement for knowing your tracks.

    Newportdj Drew, post: 1856 wrote: if people got narky… you can point ur finger and say if it wasn’t for those lot…..

    BAHAHA! Oh god yes.

    in reply to: Maybe this is a stupid question but…… #1000589

    There is no such thing as a stupid question 😛 As far as any audio routing questions go, the answer is usually “Yes, you can do that”, though it might also involve some tricky cabling or software. I know that VDJ has a mode for this (the idea being that you use a splitter cable to run audio to headphones and a sound system). No idea about Serato, but if it doesn’t have a mode for this, you could use some splitters to build that sort of signal externally. I can draw diagrams for you if you have trouble figuring it out 😛

    The counts are a little unorthadox, and it puts me off a bit because the track is doing something unexpected. A good example of this is the 24 beat section at about 0:48 – 1:00. My ears are expecting it to go for 32 beats and then it drops off early and it just feels… wrong, I suppose. Not that I’m saying it’s terrible :L No, you have some nice tunes going there, it’s just the structure is a little off-putting.

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    Yeah, the case is HEAVY. Definitely solid though. The laptop stand will slide right off unless you flip down this plastic clip thingy to hold it steady. You’ll want to keep it with you though, because it has a piece of foam velcro’d under it to hold the S4 in all the foam padding it sits in down the bottom. The “bottom” has rubber feet on it, so it’ll stand on the lid pretty firmly. I’d be worried about what the lid is sitting on. The rim of the lid isn’t exactly designed for sitting firmly like the rubber feet are.

    If you want any detailed pics of the case, just ask and I’ll get some for you.

    SCHIES, post: 1476 wrote: velcro ties <3

    I need to get me some of those! I have a couple lying around (they came on power cables and such).

    I think I’d have to follow ellgieff and say pants. There’s not really anything else I need other than my gear.

    Gadabout, post: 1337 wrote: “Can you play the ‘Birthday’ song!!… know….the one with 50 Cent”

    Ohh, “In Da Club”. That took me a minute of frantic mental searching.

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    Lew, post: 1430 wrote:

    Is… is that a router under there? 0.o

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    U31, post: 1280 wrote: Defected accapellas do a really good selection… Google ‘Em

    Thanks =) All seems to be commercial though. I was thinking freebies.

    Emma Partnow, post: 1282 wrote: this 3rd Source of Audio can even come from a Games Console; or even a Portable CD Player (as long as it connects to your Mixer);
    And on your 2nd Question regarding Vocals; I use a site called Acapellas4u

    I’ve got Traktor Pro 2 and a Kontrol S4, so I have plenty of decks/sample decks available. Good ideas though! I can take in live audio, I have a few inputs on the back of the S4. I’ll keep an eye out for “interesting” sources.

    The URL you gave me isn’t working 🙁 I Googled them, and you’ve definitely given me the right address. I suspect that their site might be donw. I’ll try later 🙂

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