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    Are you selling yourself as a DJ for weddings/birthdays?  Or clubs/raves?

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    Alex Moschopoulos

    I think posting them without a download link would be ok if it’s a true remix…meaning you really altered the song.  I wouldn’t just post some edit that didn’t change the tune much at all other than arrangement.  The end goal is you want to show your shops as a remixer/producer.

    HOWEVER…you should slap your name on it like you made a remix and put that in your playlists when you use them in mixes.  Something like this:

    Artist Name – Title of Song (Mista Clean Edit)


    NEVER put yourself as the artist.  Even when I posted that “remade mashup”, I made sure to give not only the artists credit, but the guy who first made the mashup (and wouldn’t share).

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    Alex Moschopoulos

    Forgot about that article Terry…sharing it now. 🙂

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    in reply to: Is a flashlight/torch essential dj gear?? #1017351
    Alex Moschopoulos

    I used to wear headlamps like how Orbital does.  Loved em and did it as a tribute to them…mainly because I loved their stage presence. I stopped using them though when they called it quits.

    I think a small flashlight is ideal in your bag.  You never know when you need to see better to hook up a cable or what not.

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    Alex Moschopoulos

    I hate to burst your bubble, but this is nothing new.

    The Hot Mix 5 would make their radio mixes in their home studios with reel to reel tape and cutters.  They believed in giving the listener the “meat” of a tune without the fluff and filler.

    I’ve seen DJs for years make studio-edited mixes for radio and other media like this as well.  I’ve seen DJs who remix and edit their tunes for club use.  Many would do a 32 beat intro, the main meat, repeat, and then a 32 beat outro.  AGAIN…DJs have been remixing their tunes for club use since the beginning.

    Like it or not, in order to grow into the big leagues, you need to be more than just a guy playing music.  Especially in trance it’s highly competitive, and thus the winners are those who become branding and marketing powerhouses.  PvD would make many special edits/remixes of the tunes he would play, now he’s more just playing pieces and loops with live performance.

    It’s just the way of things.  I like playing the music as well, but the crowd wants instant gratification.  Win the crowd and you win in this game.  This is part of why I stay a hobbyist DJ.

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    Alex Moschopoulos

    Depends on what flavors of trance you play.

    I like the more fast-paced energy stuff.  I’ll usually start the next track in the last 2 minutes of the track playing.  Most of the time the new tune kicks in when the old tune is letting go.

    Nowadays too many producers either change up their arrangement, or they seemingly do not get too DJ friendly…as I’ll be waiting for the tune to calm down…and it doesn’t.

    When I go to record a trance mix, I’ll set it all up in advance, looking for what tunes meld nicely together and when to start blending.  It helps you get to know your music better.

    in reply to: Advice on recording on youtube #1016668
    Alex Moschopoulos

    I think you should record your VIDEO with the camera you’re using, but record the audio in your DJ software.

    Youtube has an editor built in, so you could upload your soundtrack separately, mute the audio from the video, and match up your uploaded sountrack with the video.

    You’ll end up with cleaner audio and no sounds from you flipping switches or moving around, or especially outside noise.

    We have an article with more detail on this coming.

    Alex Moschopoulos

    I’ll add in some spots will get you more DJ friendly remixes.

    in reply to: Anti-controller bigotry at one of DC's biggest venues #1016557
    Alex Moschopoulos

    I have a feeling they did it to make sure people who could manually beatmatch would only enter.

    I also think the prizes are lame.  9-10 PM?  So you play for an empty room?  Why not a better slot where people will be there?

    I’ll bet you this is a ploy to get Facebook likes, or email addresses.

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    Alex Moschopoulos

    We’ve said it over and over that you all shouldn’t put mixes on SoundCloud.

    Use MixCloud, MixCrate, or one of the other services aimed at mixes.

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    Alex Moschopoulos
    Alex Moschopoulos

    I think a pool is ideal if you’re into the mainstream stuff.  If you’re more into the underground you might end up disappointed.

    in reply to: Woman says EDM is sexist. Your thoughts. #1016262
    Alex Moschopoulos

    She’s apparently more criticizing the scene.

    However, I’d blame the lipstick feminists who jumped into all that.  Lord knows a few years ago many old school ravers like myself were surprised how the “gogo dancer” outfit became the new “raver girl” outfit…when in the past it was big baggy jeans, a tanktop, and fuzzy backpack.

    If women want to run around looking for attention, then femdom should work harder to educate them as well as brush off the “you’re just jealous because all the guys want me” comments.

    Frankly, this kind of thing is nothing new.  Look at the gogo dancer trend that’s been around for a number of years, or women who dress skimpy to clubs and act whorish.  The problem is the same as it’s always been…lipstick feminism.  It’s girls who think they have power because guys are drooling over them, or women who put their sense of self-worth on how many guys want them.

    in reply to: "Dancing behind the DJ booth makes you a wack DJ" #1016243
    Alex Moschopoulos

    It’s bollocks from guys who seemingly worry more about image than entertaining.

    [quote]Apparently, at least according to a couple vinyl DJ’s…[/quote]

    There’s the start.  Not saying all vinyl DJs are haters, but I do notice the mass majority of “critics” are vinyl purists or something of the sort.

    [quote]dancing behind the DJ booth makes me a wanna-be DJ Bl3nd (who?).[/quote]
    <p class=”mceWPmore” title=”More…”>Excuse you for having a good time and being into your set.</p>
    [quote]Oh, and the fact that I’m using a laptop makes me an all visuals, “waveform dependent” DJ. And one last thing, if it weren’t for the SYNC button, I’d be “lost” (untrue on many different levels). [/quote]

    Topic has been beaten to death.  I’d just jump up and down in the booth when they play…see how well their needles stay on the records.  I came from vinyl, but that alone was a problem that needed to be solved in DJing, not something you embrace.

    [quote]I love to dance to music, that’s what got me into DJ’ing in the first place. Enjoying dancing, music and watching other people have a good time.[/quote]

    Don’t stop loving it.  I’ll dance in the booth, in my room, whenever I hear a beat that carries me.


    [quote]What’s with all these losers bashing new DJ’s?[/quote]

    They are guys who woke up one morning and found out the fact they buy analog vinyl has no real bearing on their talent or marketability as a DJ.  They found out that technology has enhanced their trade to the point that most people can pick up and work to being great at it with good song selection, crowd connection, and creativity.

    They’re just bitter because they’re not special anymore.  Many of them also seem to fall into the old school trap where they sit all day bashing new music and cling to some past point in time they won’t let go of.

    [quote]I’m not bad, I’m not bad at all. I practice a lot, have had several paid gigs and more coming up, but the fact that I use a laptop and controller makes me a “wavie, SYNC-button using wanna-be DJ Bl3nd”? That’s like calling somebody a fake traveler because they use a car to get from Point A to Point B, and that a real traveler walks there.[/quote]

    I use SYNC…and I admit it.  I came up from vinyl and can manually beatmatch on vinyl, CDs, or controllers…but why?  If I have tools to make my life easier then why reject them?  That’s like rejecting a food processor to stay with a mortar and pestle, or chopping it all by hand (cooking references).


    [quote]I dislike the idea of spending $3,000.00 on a set up that is large, bulky and expensive.[/quote]

    That became my big point.  I got tired of spending $10-$12 for one record.  I also especially grew tired of walking into venues and the 1200s they had were falling apart.  I love showing up with a controller, hooking up, playing, and then taking it home whenever I want.  No scratchamp or similar item to futz with, no heavy crates to lug.

    [quote]They also accused me of “undercutting DJs”.[/quote]

    I’d ask them what do they have to offer that merits them getting the money they demand.  I’ll ask that of any professional who complains of undercutting and yet I can see they have nothing to offer that merits a high pay compared to the competition.

    [quote]I’m tired of all these vinyl using guys bashing me for not using vinyl (I hardly consider these guys vinyl users, anyways, being as how they hook their turntables up to Serato Scratch Live).[/quote]

    Keep on playing, take their gigs, and let them moan some more.  If you’re the DJ rocking crowds and bringing heads, you win in this game. If they can’t accept that, then they should pack up and call it a career.


    [quote]Anybody else experiencing this frustration? I’m getting better, learning more and expanding and most of all, having a fun time but these jerks keep trying to bring me down![/quote]

    Don’t quit…to **** with the haters.

    Alex Moschopoulos

    I’m just saying everyone has their own workflow.  If someone wants to buy three songs, mix them into one MP3 (even if it sounds like they’re just regularly DJing them) and then play those, it’s their prerogative.

    As I said, it’s only risky if you end up with one of the songs clearing the floor or the crowd wanting the music changed.

    I could say it’s lazy, but I won’t call it cheating.  If someone played someone else’s mix CD, then it’s cheating.

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