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    James Godfrey

    Thank you DJRYNB i really appreciate it! Yeah selected has got to be one the best channels for house music i would say. Another one is Futurism which posts a lot big tracks!

    Thank you William Bennett!

    in reply to: Minimix #001 #2401611
    James Godfrey

    DJ S.K.T – Poison
    WTF – Chris Lake Remix
    Dot Com – Hannah Wants
    The Redoom Part 2 – Low Steppa
    Good Time – Javi Alvado
    Right There – Marc Vedo
    Places – Parkx
    Something – 86 Deep
    Jumpman X Drake – James Hype
    The Duster – Eats Everything
    Moudness – Miguel Bastida
    Hot – Breach
    Panda – Dean.E.G

    in reply to: Stand By Me (Deep House) #2383731
    James Godfrey

    Thank You Ian, Really appreciate it

    James Godfrey

    Nice one Deathy, It sounds really good. 🙂

    in reply to: February's Live Mixtape 29-02-16 Out Now! #2363021
    James Godfrey

    Tracklist :

    1.Last Dance – Joeski
    2.Lonely Heart – Enki Nyxx
    3.Not Too Flabbeh – Jey Kurmis
    4.Bring It Back- Illusionize/Vinne
    5.Afterhours – Gina Turner, Tony Quattro
    6.Ass Out – Wood Holly & Sage Armstrong
    8.HeadbyLutron & M0b
    9.Burning (feat Monce)byParide Saraceni
    10.Just a Little (Steve Bug Remix)
    11.Panther (Format:B remix) – Raumakustik
    12.Common Ground – Mike Vale
    13.I Bought It All (Eats Everything remix) – Catz ‘n Dogz
    14.Crank It – Kideko/George Kwali
    15.Coke Whore – Lorenzo
    16.The D Machine – Croatia Squad
    17.Y I Left U – My Digital Enemy And Plastik Funk
    18.New Order – SNBRN , Shaun Frank
    19.Free Flow (feat KRS-One – Club dub)byRobosonic
    20.What You Do (Jade Blue remix)byMediate
    21.G.I.T.H – Mad Villians
    22.Escape – Going Deeper
    23.No More – Josh Parkinson

    in reply to: Too Close Remix – James Godfrey #2362231
    James Godfrey

    Thank you @Bjiest. It means a lot 🙂

    in reply to: Too Close Remix – James Godfrey #2360521
    James Godfrey

    Thanks Deathy, Yeah i know what you mean, hopefully these are things i’ll improve on as i make more tracks. This is only my third release since teaching myself the producing game a few months ago.
    Really appreciate the feedback, so thank you 🙂

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    in reply to: New Track – Deep Visions (Techno) #2355921
    James Godfrey

    Appreciate it Roh. It means a lot getting positive feedback! Good luck for the learning the producing game. I look forward to hearing the tracks you release.

    in reply to: New Track – Deep Visions (Techno) #2355521
    James Godfrey

    Thank you @Roh Furtado. I’m really glad you like it. I’ve made it a free download for anyone who wishes to use it in their sets, as it would be an honour just for it to be getting played to the public. Especially because i am new to the producing game.

    in reply to: Hello From Scotland (James Godfrey) #2345241
    James Godfrey

    Thanks @DJ Vintage, it’s not the prettiest of stuff but it made a huge difference to cutting out the vibrations in the room. Sounds a lot better but i know there are better ways to sort that out. For now it is doing the job nicely 🙂

    I look forward to getting to know everybody on here!

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    James Godfrey


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