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    Ampero, post: 1871 wrote: Dude.. that spot was something criminal! 😀 superbly epic, man.. great job, looked like a pretty awesome night

    Eheh xD Thanks man ;D

    DJ Max D., post: 1030 wrote: Oh but it gets better! Last night, half-empty club, bad night, only few groups of people inside.. one dude comes up to me and asks me “hey man can you play some David Guetta?” and I am like what the.. I have “Memories” playing at that moment. I just go “yeah, sure” and he leaves. After that I play that new song “Sweat” and see the dude glancing towards me every half minute.. so okay, I put on “Love is gone” after a few tracks and still no reaction from the dude, he starts looking a bit angry.. then I give in and cut in “The world is mine” and finally he recognizes the track and gives me thumbs up and all that..

    Wtf !? xD When they ask me guetta i dont play :p Dont like him

    Gadabout, post: 1024 wrote: The most annoying for me, are the ones that say one of the following:
    “can you play shuffle music” “can you play some DJ Blend” “can you play techno” and my favorite “do you have any David Guetta or Deamau5”

    Nice to see you here Gadabout ;D Dj blend, LOL xD

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    Well, we made a 2 beat loop. and with loop adjuster we shortened it. then we turned off the master tempo and slowed down and then up the track. After that started raising “the moment” volume, 8 beats before it kicks we slowed the “the moment” again ! And thats it, a different transition 🙂 Thanks for your complements ;D

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    We were using traktor with timecodes and a x1.
    Tracklist :
    1 – Cinema – Benny Benassi (Laidback Luke Remix)
    2 – Zero 76 – Tiesto & Hardwell
    3 – The moment – Tim Mason ( Steve Angello Edit)

    True “the guy that is also dj” is a bit annoying. But the worst are the bad boys -.-‘ they keep coming to me and say “Puxa, PUXA” which means “pull up” or whatever. they want acid music because they drink to much, just annoying..

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    That’s true ;D I hope i can share some knowledge here !

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