Using Facebook & Twitter To Promote Your DJing, Pt 1

Peter Morgan
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 2 December, 2019

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Still not got a Twitter or Facebook account for your DJing? Maybe now is the time to put that right…

Everyone knows that they should be using Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves as DJs. But if you’ve never gone past chatting to your friends on Facebook, and not even tried to get to grips with Twitter, it can seem like a difficult task to get going.

In this four-part series, which is aimed at total beginners, we’re going to break it right down to show you just the basics so you can start off on the right foot.

Each week we’ll go over some basics in the post, and there’s also a video to accompany each episode that looks a little deeper. Treat it is a simple and hopefully painless introduction to using Facebook and Twitter to promote yourself as a DJ. So let’s get going…

Part 1: Getting started

  1. Why join a social network? – Gigs, DJ mixes – whatever you want to promote, Facebook and Twitter are your direct connection to your fans
  2. How do I get started?– If you already have Facebook and Twitter accounts, great! If not, sign up. On Facebook you want to create a fan page so that you don’t have to add fans as friends individually, and so that you get an unlimited number of potential fans (you can only have 5,000 friends on a profile). Make sure to use your DJ name if it’s different from your real name
  3. So what is it with Twitter? – Best thing with Twitter is to just jump in – follow people you find interesting (DJs, this website…), reply and voice your own opinions to things people say, follow people you’re interested in (DJs, interesting industry site and people). It’s chatter, and it doesn’t have a start or an end. Little and often is key
  4. What next with my new Facebook page? – Add a description and profile picture, just like if you were setting up a Facebook profile. When your page looks nice, start inviting people to like you. Friends and family are a great starting point
  5. How quickly will I see results? – It takes time so don’t expect thousands of fans in a week! Keep interacting with those you do have and things will grow. Also remember a handful of hardcore fans is better than 1,000 who don’t really care for what you have to say. With social media, quality is much more important than quantity

This week’s video

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In next week’s post and video we’ll look more into customising your profiles in Facebook and Twitter.

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