Using Facebook & Twitter To Promote Your DJing, Pt 3

Peter Morgan
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 2 December, 2019

Using a free service such as Mixcloud will take the complication out of hosting your mix online.

In the last two parts, we looked at setting up your accounts and customising your pages on both Facebook and Twitter.

In this part, we’ll look at getting your mix ready for promotion by uploading it to a free mix hosting service. For the purpose of this series, we’ll use one of the most popular mix hosting services online, London-based Mixcloud.

Why Mixcloud? Well, Mixclouud is dedicated to DJ mixes, and has agreements in place with record labels, so unlike other services (such as Soundcloud), there’s not much likelihood of there being any problems with your mix being removed for copyright reasons.

That being said, Mixcloud only allows mix streaming – you can’t let your listeners download your mix from the service.

How to do it

So go ahead and sign up at Mixcloud. You’ll need your MP3 (100MB or lower in size, and with eight tracks or more) and a track listing. To add tracks, you can type them in manually, add a Traktor or a Serato file, or cut and paste your tracklist in – it’s completely up to you. Be sure to add tags and a mix description, which will help site visitors to find your mix. You should definitely add a photo to your mix (use a square one or the service will crop it).

Mixcloud has a cool feature called “timestamping”. With timestamping, you tell Mixcloud where in the mix your individual tracks lie. That way, when a listener is checking out your mix, they can see where in the mix they are.

Once your mix is uploaded to Mixcloud, it’s time to start promoting it using your social media profiles – which is what we’ll be looking at in next week’s video.

This week’s video

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Where do you host your mixes online? How have you got along with Mixcloud? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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