Vestax Typhoon: Now With Virtual DJ

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 1 December, 2017

Virtual DJ & Vestax Typhoon
Virtual DJ & Vestax Typhoon: Together officially.

Vestax’s entry-level DJ controller, the Vestax Typhoon, is now officially available with Virtual DJ software. The compact, basic controller for beginners and hobbyists previously came bundled with Traktor, but now also comes with Virtual DJ, in a specially skinned Typhoon edition (see picture).

The change means that the most popular beginner’s software is now paired with one of the leading beginner’s DJ controllers, and answers a request made by many Virtual DJ users who were frustrated at not having any “out of the box” way to use the Vestax Typhoon.

Good for first-time DJs
The move makes sense for beginner DJs; while immensely powerful, Traktor is not the easiest software to learn to DJ on, and a controller with as few hardware knobs and buttons as the Vestax Typhoon struggles to control many of the features of Traktor anyway.

While Virtual DJ still comes packed with features (and can be used for video DJing too), it is still at heart straightforward DJ software that it is reasonably easy to get up and running on quickly – something important for people learning the skills of DJing for the first time.

This seems to us like a sensible move by Vestax, and one many of our readers will be pleased to hear about.

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