Fancy Your Own DJ TV Show On Ustream? Check This Out…

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 26 November, 2017

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So we’ve seen Tiesto broadcast a live set on video over Twitter, and we’ve got many readers who have experimented with broadcasting audio and video of their own DJ mixes across uStream – but soon it might all be getting much easier. Today we’ve been shown a working prototype of an audio and video mixing product from Vestax that is designed from the bottom up for mixing straight to uStream – and it rocks. The unit has a simple audio mixer of the type all DJs understand (a few channels, a crossfader), with standard inputs. So you can mix audio as usual; you could use CDJs, or your DJ software, add a microphone – whatever.

Then, you can add several video sources too. So you could have the screen grabbed from your laptop to bring your DJ software visually into the mix. You could have a camera close on your hands as they do their thing scratching and crossfading. And you could have a third camera wide angle, taking in the full scene.

The device we’ve seen lets you plug in a simple monitor to see what you’re broadcasting or to preview the video sources, and then allows you to output the audio with your choice of the video source. And the best part? As we said, it just USBs into any computer for instant broadcasting on uStream.

Watch this space for a demo…

It’s an early prototype, but as soon as Vestax can provide us with a production sample to test (I’d say it could be up to a year away, but that’s me talking, not them), we’ll put our money where our mouth is, so to speak, and do a uStream review of the product including a DJ set. As well as bedroom DJs who would like to present music-based uStream mix shows, this could also work for clubs to stream guest performances live on the web, in the was Tiesto did from CES last week.

Such a product could truly simplify broadcast mixing – and while it’s too early to speculate about pricing, I can’t see it costing much more that US$500-600, which would be pretty revolutionary.

Exciting times – we’ll keep you informed.

Do you currently broadcast music TV, DJ mixes with a video element, or other similar shows on Ustream? Would a product like this help you? What would you want to see in such a mixer, and what would make it most useful to you? Let us (and Vestax) know your thoughts below.

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