Video Tutorial: Hercules P32 DJ Controller & DJUCED 40

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
DJUCED 40 Hercules P32 DJ loop roll Pro sampler slicer
Last updated 5 April, 2018


Hercules P32 DJ
In this tutorial I’ll show you the remix performance capabilities of the Hercules P32 DJ when used with DJUCED 40, focussing on the Sampler Decks.

A few months ago Hercules released a jogwheel-less gridpad device in the form of the Hercules P32 DJ. It’s like taking a Novation Launchpad and shoehorning it into a two-channel controller with an onboard interface for a compact no-jogwheel digital DJ controller.

We liked it because it was so easy to use, especially with the included DJUCED 40 software which takes full advantage of the twin 4×4 grid pads thanks to its new Sampler Decks feature, which are a bit like Traktor’s Remix Decks that let you launch loops and one shot samples all within the software without the complexity of a full on digital audio workstation like Ableton Live.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the performance features of the Hercules P32 DJ when used with DJUCED 40: I’ll first show you how simple it is to hook up the P32 DJ to your laptop for DJing and music-making practically wherever you are, then I’ll introduce you to the Sampler Decks and show you how they work both on their own and while DJing songs in a normal Track Deck, and finally we’ll check out the other performance features like Slicer and Loop Roll.

Check out the video tutorial below.

Tutorial Video

What do you think of this controller and software? Do you have it, and what are your thoughts on it? Do these features make you want to try out DJUCED 40? Let us know below.

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