Video Tutorial: Hercules Universal DJ Controller

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Hercules Universal DJ Pro The DJ Party 3.0
Last updated 10 April, 2018


Hercules Universal DJ
We take a look at the multi-screen mode of the Hercules Universal DJ, along with its online social features dubbed The DJ Party 3.0.

Hercules has put out some pretty interesting controllers recently, including its multi-platform Hercules Universal DJ. It ships with DJUCED 40 software, and you can DJ with the controller using your laptop. You can even pair your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, letting it work as a remote that gives you access to some extra features not found on the controller itself.

While the Universal DJ can work as a standard two-channel controller, you can really unlock its full potential via Hercules’ “The DJ Party 3.0” concept, which is a mix of online social interaction with your crowd and wireless control via your mobile device. The Universal DJ controller serves as the conduit for this wireless connection.

We made this tutorial to explore and explain these features because there really is quite a lot of fun to be had for casual DJs and those looking for an “all-in” party solution when it comes to controllers: You can create a playlist filled with tunes that partygoers can vote on online days before the event, and they can send you messages via the DJUCED Master mobile app. You can even control effects, set loops, and mix with your smartphone while you’re away from the DJ booth!

Granted, you probably won’t be using these features at a festival gig or your residency, but for house parties, office gatherings, and back to mine’s, it’s a quirky mix of cool and fun features that could make a good party even better. (By the way this is a feature tutorial, not a review; we’ve reviewed this already, so if you want to know what the Hercules Universal DJ controller is all about, you can check that out first.

Video tutorial

What do you think of these features? Innovative, or gimmicky? Or a bit of both? Do you own this controller, and if so what do you think about it? Let us know below.

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