Virtual DJ 2018 Announced, Focuses On Video & Live Streaming

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Last updated 7 June, 2018


Virtual DJ 2018 has just been announced by Atomix Productions, the creator of Virtual DJ. Currently in beta, it adds “videoskins” for video DJing which are visuals that interact with songs you’re playing as well as performance functions that you’re using such as loops and effects. You can also use motion graphics known as “shaders” to generate visualisations while you spin. Live streaming also comes baked into Virtual DJ 2018, giving you the ability to stream straight to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Periscope.

You’re also now able to control DMX lights from within Virtual DJ 2018 thanks to its compatibility with the OS2L lighting protocol.

Jazzy Jeff’s “scratch” button on steroids…

A new feature is ScratchDNA which lets you “automate” scratch sounds, allowing you to put together scratch routines by editing together multiple scratch sequences using a special kind of “scratch language”. It’s intriguing, for sure.

As DJ software has become increasingly powerful, DJs are looking for more ways to control aspects of their performance that are on the perimeter of DJing itself. Though VJing and mixing with video has been around for a while now, the ability to generate visuals and project graphics that interact with what you’re spinning is less common, and you’re able to do that now with Virtual DJ 2018.

Automated lighting has also been a point of interest for DJ software manufacturers, and though it has yet to pick up steam, there is a lot of room for growth and innovation in that space, so it’s also a good move by Atomix Productions to integrate some form of lighting control from within Virtual DJ.

• Virtual DJ 2018 is currently in beta and you can try it out by clicking here.

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