Weekend Roundup: 2014’s Dance Music Moments You Need To Know

Joey Santos
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Last updated 2 January, 2015

2014 In Review
2014 was a tumultuous year for dance music, with new DJs and producers entering the fold, as well as the passing of beloved legends that lit the way for so many of us.

In this week’s roundup, the first of the new year, we’ve got a shortlist of Mixmag’s most read articles last year, a rundown of some new headphones for DJs and studio producers, and Dancing Astronaut’s top 10 defining moments of 2014 in electronic dance music. It’s all here in our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web. Happy new year, everyone!

  1. Dance Music’s 10 Defining Moments Of 2014 – Dancing Astronaut picks its top 10 events that shaped electronic dance music in 2014 Read more
  2. Mixmag’s Top 10 News of 2014 – The venerable dance music publication has posted its list of the 10 most read pieces from last year. Check them all out Read more
  3. Top 5 New DJ Headphones From 2014 – Check out the latest cans that dominated the DJ and producer market Read more
  4. Superstar DJs Ask Aphex Twin – A true legend of electronic music gives his views on the future of Traktor, producing and more. Groove has it Read more
  5. How To Use Smart Crates In Serato DJ – Fill up playlists in an instant by learning how Smart Crates work within Serato DJ. Check out how to do exactly that via the Serato blog Read more
  6. The Rise Of Napster And “Free” Music – Here’s a short documentary on how Napster came to be, how it unravelled, and the legacy of downloading / piracy that it left behind. Dancing Astronaut has the video Watch it

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