Which DJ Gig Are You Most Looking Forward To This Holiday?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 26 November, 2017

Forget the mistletoe, what are you planning to get up to under the mirrorball this holiday season?

It’s the season of overeating, drinking too much, and general merriment. And where there’s fun, we all know there’s music too! So as a DJ, is there a gig you are really looking forward to this holiday season? Have you got a special Christmas or New Year booking? Maybe you’re playing your office Christmas party, or a Boxing Day special? Or just a house party with your friends?

Back when I ran a club night, we used to have three nights we adored over this period. There was the Boxing Day party (we always did a club classics night), obviously the New Year’s Eve show, and – my personal favourite – the “Recovery Session” on the first Saturday of the year. The Recovery Session was just opening the doors, letting anyone who was a club member in for free, and one DJ (normally me) playing all night. I’d throw all the records from the past year out of my box and fill it with new stuff and stuff I’d never played before.

We’d only have around a third of the people we’d normally get in, but everyone who came out was hardcore and so totally up for the party – and playing new music all night long really helped me as a DJ to focus on the new year and forget the old. I loved it.

So over to you: What gig are you looking forward to them most this season? Let us know in the comments!

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