Techno DJ Releases World’s First Vinyl CD

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 2 December, 2017


Jeff Mills Vinyl CD
Is it a record, is it a CD? It’s both!

In this world of MP3s and digital DJing, it’s ironic that the first innovation in the world of vinyl AND in the world of CDs since, oooh, some time last century is brought to us by a techno DJ/Producer, Jeff Mills. His recent album The Occurrence is not even out as an MP3 – it is only released on a curious vinyl/CD hybrid format. Of course, for novelty factor this scores 10/10 and for that reason may well be my first vinyl or CD purchase since about 2004. There’s every chance it will be my last ever, too. It’s certainly going to be my first hybrid vinyl/CD purchase!

I remember buying a double 3″ CD (it was by British alt-rockers the Fall) in 1989, purely for the novelty value. And this vinyl/CD artefact is certainly a novelty of course. Can’t see iTunes quaking in its boots at this new music format though, can you?

But I’m a digital DJ. Why should I buy it?
Apart from ‘cos it ain’t out on MP3, there are a couple of uses I can think of for it, especially if you’re a techno DJ. Just keep this handy 5″ disc in your gig bag with your laptop, controller and headphones, and if you ever experience a system crash half-way through a digital DJ set, you have the choice of two formats to throw onto the club’s existing equipment while you reboot.

Or, if you’re ready to start your digital DJing set but there’s a Dave Double Decks larging it on the club’s equipment, thus making it harder for you to set up, mix this little baby in, throw Dave out of the booth and you’ve got your required couple of minutes of peace to plug your lovely controller and laptop in, ready to start.

Thanks, Jeff!

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