Your Questions: Are You Ever Too Old To DJ?

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Last updated 24 March, 2018


What do you think, are you ever too old or too young to start or be DJing?
What do you think, are you ever too old or too young to start or be DJing?

Digital DJ Tips Forum member Marvin asks: “I’ve had a conversation with a friend of mine about things that you enjoy doing in life. One of my answers was ‘DJing’, and my friend asked me: ‘Aren’t you too old for this?’

“Most DJs that I know started out when they were teenagers. I started to play salsa for a crowd when I was 30. That was three-and-a-half years ago and now, at 34, I want to try playing in bars and lounges. What do you think, does age matter in DJing or not?”

Digital DJ Tips says…

We think you can never be too old or young to DJ and in any case, 34 is not what most people would consider to be old! The added bonus of having extra years under your belt is that you can draw upon life experience and musical knowledge that younger DJs don’t have.

What your friend might be doing here is confusing going out clubbing until the early hours with DJing professionally. Sure, the two can go hand in hand but if you are sensible, you can separate them as two independent activities. If you manage it right, you can still be getting your beauty sleep and not disrupt the day after with a rancid hangover.

We have lots of DJs much older than 34 (and much younger) actively using the site. At the last time of checking, the age range was from 12 to 72 and I suspect a few will have stories to tell you and advice to offer!

Does age make a difference? Are you an older DJ with regular work? At what age did you get into DJing? Let us know in the comments below…

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