Z-Jay Is A Foldable Controller You Can Wear On Your Back

Joey Santos
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Last updated 4 April, 2018


Z-Jay is a triple-screened digital DJ touchscreen controller that lets you mix up to eight songs simultaneously.

Z-Jay is a concept DJ controller made of three interconnected tablets. It folds out to form a device with three touchscreen surfaces that mimic the standard “two decks and a mixer” set-up. It’s still in the development phase and is gearing up for a round of crowdfunding so details are scarce, but according to developer Luid Pro, the Z-Jay will have a customisable graphic interface for each of the three tablets, and it says that you can mix up to eight songs at the same time (four tracks for each deck tablet). You’ll also be able to upload songs to the Z-Jay, though no word yet on whether it will be capable of downloading tunes straight to it. Also, no word from Luid Pro on whether or not it’ll come with an audio interface onboard.

It’s a clever, origami-inspired idea for tablet DJing, but with specifications thin on the ground, it’s hard to even come up with assumptions. Will it come with its own OS, or will the DJ software be built on something like Android? What’s the size of the internal hard drive, and will it come with an expandable memory option? What kind of audio interface will it have (if it will have one), and will it be built into the unit or as an external accessory? Most importantly, how much will it cost? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Have a look at the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery

• Check out the Z-Jay website for more details.

What are your thoughts on this controller? Do you think it’s a practical option for tablet DJs, or would something like Juicy M’s multiple iPad set-up still be the rig to beat? Post in the comments.

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