Free DJ BPM Counter For Your Mac or PC

BPM counter

A free browser, Mac or PC BPM counter.

Here's a free, tiny program for PC or Mac that will let you find out the beat of any song you happen to be listening to, by duplicating the "tap BPM" function of nearly all DJ software.

Unsurprisingly called "Tap BPM", it is simplicity itself - you open the program and tap any key as you're listening along to your music, and it reports the BPM back at you.

There's even a web version you can bookmark in your browser and just go to whenever you want it.

It could be useful if you're trying to train yourself to guess BPMs, or if you just need to know the BPM quickly of a song that's not yet been analysed in your DJ software.

Anyway, it's a no-brainer because it's free. Get it from here: Drumbot website.

What's your favourite free DJ or music app? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. nice, i've used afor a while, but this is nice and elegant, plus, can run without the internet for when you're away.
    Do you know if it makes a running average or just takes the last 4 taps?

  2. used this allot: but this looks a little bit sleeker.

  3. Doobidoo says:

    I've been using this excelent free bpm-counter from Mixmeister!

    Writes id3tgas as well....

    • That's the one I use on my Mac as well. It's excellent! Gets the BPMs right almost every time and requires no tapping-just straight waveform analysis. I find that the ones it usually has problems with are ballads which sometimes double up in BPM and come out as 128-160. LOL. Easily fixable with simple math.

      My peeve with this app is that it doesn't round up or down on the BPMs, so if you come out with 129.99 it writes 129 to the ID3 BPM field. In addition, it doesn't support tagging on AAC files, which is a bummer cause that's all I use now.

      Lastly, I was a bit upset to find that Torq doesn't even bother displaying BPMs in the ID3 tags, so the ID3 tagging is only useful when I organize stuff in iTunes.

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. Phil Morse says:

    Thanks for all the BPM tips! Wouldn't think there were so many free/cheap BPM counters out there, would you?

    • I gave up on tapping a long time ago. My collection is too big for me to ever get through it all. I'm sure you have the same problem!

      The MixMeister link above is probably the best one. No tapping required! It's so good I'd pay for it, but it's free so no worries there :)

  5. Belgian Jungle Sound says:

    good thing about this bpm counter is that it keeps on calculating the average as opposed to say the last 10 taps, so even if it takes you 5 minutes you'll eventually get the right bpm

  6. On the Phlip side of that thank you sooooooo much Phil for the amount of time and effort you put into every issue of your news letters and the priceless value of the info you give us guys :-)

  7. i like the look of this one, it's just minimal. simple and sleek. too bad this isn't a widget.. because so far the only bpm widgets i've found are hideous.

  8. Palle Juul Sørensen says:

    can i get / buy a program that can display my beats 12324 elller 12345678
    while listening to music

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