Free Scratch Upgrade For New Traktor Kontrol S4 Users

Traktor Kontrol S4

Native Instruments just made the Traktor Kontrol S4 a more enticing proposition for controller DJs wanting scratch capability too.

Native Instruments today announced a free special offer for owners of newly registered Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ controllers, worth US$139 / €129 per user. This time-limited offer gives DJs a free scratch upgrade, consisting of a licence for Traktor Scratch Pro 2, a pair of timecode vinyls, and a pair of timecode CDs. Available throughout July, the upgrade allows DJs to mix and scratch with timecode control via directly connected turntables or CD decks.

"Combined with the advanced high-resolution jog wheels of the unit, the timecode functionality can give users independent control of all four decks of the software simultaneously," says Native Instruments.

All Traktor Kontrol S4 units that are newly registered with Native Instruments within the period qualify for the offer.

Traktor Kontrol S4 vs Numark NS6
No doubt Native Instruments has put this together with half an eye on the new Numark NS6 - currently making waves at a similar point in the DJ controller market.

The NS6, unlike the Kontrol S4, can also work as a truly independent mixer for vinyl/CDs (ie it doesn't need a laptop and software connected and running). But it is not currently possible (at least, not easily) to use the NS6 as both a digital DJ controller and a "digital vinyl system", not least because its supplied Serato ITCH software is controller-only.

With Traktor Scratch Pro functionality, the Traktor Kontrol S4 is just that - a digital controller that can be used not only as an advanced standalone DJ controller, but also as a scratch controller system, using either control vinyl or control CDs.

Throwing this functionality into the mix for free makes the unit more attractive at its current price point, especially against similarly priced units such as the aforementioned NS6 and the Denon DN-MC6000.

More information from the offer page on the Native Instruments website.


To coincide with the launch of this offer, Native Instruments has released this video of DJ Dummy using the Traktor Kontrol S4 with timecode:

Have you been toying with the idea of getting a Kontrol S4? Are you considering the Kontrol S4 against the NS6? Will this sway your decision? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Just registered mine yesterday, meaning this offer doesn't work out for me? Baaaad timing. :/

  2. Very nice offer - so sad I can't afford an S4 right now.

  3. Gutted I'm currently winning Some 1210's on eBay to go with my S4 would love to not have to pay for the update, I think t should be free for all to use as a standard feature when dropping money on the S4 regardless or purchase date.

  4. Mindfloat says:

    hmm,that is cool..i still have turntables lying i must check my finances and i think it`s not looking good at the moment .-) would love to spin with turntables again,at least when i`m at home..

  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but on the S4 site it states you must buy the traktor s4 controller during the month of july for you to qualify for the free scratch pro 2 upgrade. So for the existing customers who bought the S4 back in february, does that mean we'll have to pay for this upgrade? Whatever happened to loyalty NI!

    • Phil Morse says:

      Doesn't matter when you bought it, but you have to register it (on the NI site) in July.

      • So if we bought it a few months ago we don't get the free update? That's kind of ridiculous considering I even payed for insurance...there must be a way. I've personaly bought Komplete 7 so they should throw me a bone and anyone else who's put out serious cash....

  6. Hello DJs,

    I'll talk about drivers and NS6 S4

    I like in Kontrol S4(I've played it):
    - VU Bargraph for master and for 4 inputs;
    - Inputs/Ouputs of the MIDI;
    - "Loop Size" and "Loop Move" Resources (MOVE/ACTIVE and SIZE/SET) {I love that resource};
    - Its accept DVS System (Traktor Scratch) without additional hardware, connecting CDJ/turntables directly on the inputs of the S4.

    I don't like in KontrolS4(I've played it):
    - Small platters;
    - Micro switch for activation of the platters;
    - Headphone's volume isn't not high enough.

    I like in NS6(I didn't play it):
    - Big platters (15cm);
    - Needle bar (Strip Search);
    - 4 independent inputs
    - Compatible with Traktor PRO 2;
    - Stand alone MIXER.

    I don't like in NS6(I didn't play it):
    - Doesn't has VU Bargraph on inputs;
    - No included Traktor, at least Traktor LE would a good idea;
    - Doesn't has "Loop Size" and "Loop Move" (MOVE/ACTIVE and SIZE/SET);

    I'm beginner DJ, today I ​​have 2 Numark NDX400 + MIXER Behringer DJX750, and intend to buy a controller in the next 3 months. My questions are:
    - Am I correct about my above observations???
    - Can I enjoy of the "loop size" and "loop move" presents on S4, using the follow set up : NS6 + Kontrol X1 + Traktor ????
    - Is Traktor works well with NS6 ??? And NS6 + X1 ???
    - Can I recording my mixes into the laptop via Traktor using only a NS6 or a S4 without using any external interface such as the a AUDIO 10 or a Komplete 6 ??

    Thanks very so much for any comments, suggestions or help.

    Best regards,


    • Phil Morse says:

      We have yet to review the NS6 so you'll have to wait for our opinion on that.

      I have not tried the NS6 + an X1 but I think that you could do that as you say.

      You can record your mixes as long as you have the full version of Traktor, ie not Traktor LE.

  7. Correct sentence in my messsage is: "I’ll talk about NS6 and S4 Controllers:"

    Thanks dear Phil for answers!


    P.S: I like too in NS6:
    - Jog resolution is upper: 3600 ticks (S4=1000 ticks);
    - TAP button;
    - BOOTH output with volume control.

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