Your Questions: Where To Find DJ Music Online

Beatport has been revamped and certainly has a huge catalogue, but if it's your only port of call for buying DJ music, you're paying too much and missing some obvious tricks too.

Beatport has been revamped and certainly has a huge catalogue, but if it's your only port of call for buying DJ music, you're paying too much and missing some obvious tricks too.

DJ Kooltura says: "Thanks for a great website, it has helped me a lot. But I still can't find enough information about where to buy music. Beatport? iTunes? Others?"

Digital DJ tips says:

With the demise of the record store, this is one of the most common questions we receive. Finding an effective and fulfilling way to fill your virtual record box with goodies is something that every new digital DJ needs to prioritise. The thing to remember is, the best DJs get their music from a variety of sources, and it's your weekly system for checking in with and choosing tunes from all of these sources that determines how successfully you'll get the good stuff.

A useful analogy is to look at how DJs always used to get music in the vinyl days, and what the new equivalents are.

Old ways vs new ways of getting new music for DJing

  1. Getting the big tunes
    Old way: Go to a mainstream record shop. Why? Cheapest, best stock. New way: Go to a mainstream online store (iTunes, Amazon etc). Why? Cheapest
  2. Getting the underground/specialist tunes
    Old way: Go to a specialist record shop. Why? they stock the stuff the mainstream stores don't, although it'll cost you more. New way: Go to a specialist online store (Beatport etc.). Why? They stock independent labels and stuff mainstream stores don't, but again you'll pay for it
  3. Getting DJ exclusives, remixes, dance remixes etc.
    Old way: Join a remix service or record pool (like DMC, for instance) to get stuff not available to the general public. New way: Join an online record pool like DJCity; make your own re-edits using simple cut-and-paste music production software
  4. Getting unreleased, highly exclusive upfront tracks
    Old way: Know the DJs and producers making them, get white label or acetate copies from them. New way: Hang out on SoundCloud, friend and favourite stuff you like, build up a network of people making music in the style/s you love, watch that inbox - most of these producers are happy to give their work away free to DJs who will promote it for them

Once you get your head around the idea that there's no right place to buy all of your music, and it's your music discovery and music obtaining system that matters more than anything else, you're halfway there.

Where do you get most of your music from? Have you changed the way you get music online? If so, why? It's a big subject and I know I've only scratched the surface, so if you can, please pitch in to DJ Kooltura out with your own tips in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. If you find a remix you really like on soundcloud, but its not available for download, you can try messaging the producers. Especially if they're independant, just tell them you're a dj and want to play their song. They tend to be agreeable.

    • i always offer to paypal them $2-3 USD in exchange for a download of a track. i've only been turned down once or twice. in those cases, it was because the track was soon to come out anyway, and the artists preferred to wait.

  2. beatport, music blogs youtube w the propertool to convert to 320 kbps :-)

    • Just to point out that ripping from YouTube is illegal and theft, plus there is no way to "upgrade" a music file to 320kbps, you can't put back what a lossy format has taken away. We definitely don't recommend anyone does this.

      • ya i forgot the disclaimer but then again if they make software for it and its for "PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY" Its not illegal if you making money off of if then you need the artists credit. epecially if your not looking for songs that aren't on a label

      • They make lock picking devices but it doesn't mean it's OK to use them! I know what you're saying though, but aside from the morality, generally YouTube rips are not good enough quality to play in clubs, and no "upgrade" software can fix that whatever they claim.

    • The point is also that the quality is awful, regardless of whether it's theft or not.

      No DJ should ever, ever play anything on or ripped from youtube.

      It is comparable to punters making a track request then when you don't have what they want, asking you to play it off youtube. Low, low quality does not a good atmos make.

      I like it when my neighbours "DJ" from youtube during their parties. It doesn't make any noise.

  3. for true house music.

  4. There is always something interesting on Just find a room you like and add songs to your que. then go back to the music store and go down the list

  5. DJ Gerard says:

    I can say I have allowed myself lazy and depend exclusively on the record pool I belong to (digital record pool that is) for too long a period of time. I have found it useful to keep the "soundhound" application in my phone ready to go when I hear something I would like to be playing. There usually is a direct link to buy the tune if it recognizes it. I also write down the names of the tracks people request when I am playing and ask what there source is. I do this for 2 reasons, I accept there is too much new music for me to discover on my own, and when someone is passionate enough about a song to ask for it and I actually don't know it, it usually is a decent track.

  6. what are some of the top names for software for what you call the"cut and paste method"?

  7. what I like to do is check out mixtapes by famous dj's. it's a great way to expand your tastes and immersing yourself in different genres while still keeping up with trends.

  8. The Keg Lad says:

    I'm DJing professionally 15 years now in mostly commercial clubs and disco bars and my biggest problem nowadays is getting high quality wav chart tracks. With the amount of fairly bouncing tracks in the charts these days beatport has some of it and Obviously iTunes has ALL the chart stuff but at a shit bitrate making the bottom end of some tracks really bad on a decent sound system, so my question is, wav versions of chart music, where do you get it? Great twitter stream by the way mate, very informative

  9. Hype Machine Hype Machine Hype Machine. Every time I see one of these articles I'm going to make sure Hype Machine is mentioned somewhere on the page. It's practically my sole tole for music discovery. Has been for a long time.

    Also check out RCRDLBL. I subscribe to their website through, but they occasionally post decent remixes. Everything is legal and free, of course.

    And a big no also to ripping for Youtube, as Phil pointed out. You want 320s. Anything less and its a judgement call on your part. You can add a bitrate column to your iTunes library to make sure your tracks are high quality.

  10. and all my files from the "so called website" are 320kbps

    • StrangeMatter says:

      Dude, you're missing the point. That software you're using to make your YouTube rips 320 is just changing the file to display 320, even though the quality is actually crap. I've had a few tracks sent to me like this and I had to delete them and get the tracks myself legit. You can never EVER improve audio quality, you can only degrade it.

  11. But please do purchase artists work hard at there music :-)

  12. DJ Gerard says:

    So here I am tracking down requests and I check my record pool (not there). I check iTunes (there but only the radio mix - I want the club mix). I check Spotify (there - radio only). I also now realize I cannot purchase songs from Spotify (bye bye Spotify)! Let's try Beatport (wow not there, I am seriously surprised). Hmmmm Let's Google (youtube (no thank you)and zippyshare link AND WOW they have the club mix). What is a DJ to do??? Mind you 5 minutes later! Can I please buy your song?

    Is it just me? Great topic. Don't think I am alone here. This happens with about every 1 out of 10 tunes I look up in some way shape or form.

  13. very true phil. but if you know how to use youtube. you can either A follow the link to a 320 kpbs DL off like zippyshare or tunescoop. but i wont get into the details due to legal issues, sorry im a deviant when when it comes to computers how ever. I did purchase all of my software legally. (granted i tried it first) but i bought it all

    • How is youtube even involved if you're getting a 320kbps from somewhere completely different?

      Any youtube rip is useless for DJs. Low, thin quality. The software claiming to boost it to 320kbps does not do really it and just compensates by boosting noise levels. You'll burst the eardrums of people doing that.

      Youtube should only be for discovering new tunage. If you like it, then you get it. Anyone ripping is making a big mistake.

  14. what are you thoughts on this new beatport though. i like the effect u can see the file meaning the waveform but i still like the original better.

  15. (shameless self-promotion!) Be sure to check out for the latest and best undergound tunes in all the major styles.

  16. As technology has got better so has the standard of music. Guys in their bedrooms are now making the same quality sounding tracks as the pro's because you no longer need to buy loads of expensive studio hardware to make a track. All you need is a good idea, some natural musical talent and basic knowledge of how to use a DAW on a computer. You can get the same sounding tracks in the genre your into for free. for one original ideas there will be 100000's of sound alike clones, That's how sub genres start.

    Lots of great music on soundcloud and net labels for free.
    Just because its free does not mean its rubbish. some stuff might not have samples cleared for sales or the artist is starting out.

    Its all About searching blogs and forums in the specific genres your into. Find out where the guys making the music are sharing their tracks.

    I use net labels like this for some of the stuff I'm into. , , ,

    Once you find something you like use links to other sites and Google names of artists, follow on social networks and soundcloud. There is a whole world of great music for free out there.

  17. dj kooltura says:

    Thanks! this community rocks!great insights.

  18. I'm surprised no one mentioned This is currently my first source for music then beatport if I can't find it on junodownload.

    Thanks for the articles (and comments), this a great resource! :)

  19. Actually I happen to know for a fact that the act of ripping songs off YouTube is not illegal. Downloading music from torrents are illegal. When you Download music from torrents, you're reuploading them as you download them, so you're becoming the distributor. Distributing the music is illegal, downloading was never said to be illegal. If you download music from YouTube, you're just downloading it and not redistributing, unless you make mix CDs and sell them on the street, then it's illegal. So downloading music off YouTube is not illegal though I would still not recommend doing so, the Feds still crack down on it and the act of downloading free music from torrents and YouTube is ruining the music industry. Save music by buying your songs, not downloading it for free.

  20. Soudcloud <3

  21. I still have a lot of love for satellite records I use to goto the shop they had by Brevity St. In Boston . It's nice to know they are still alive and kicking .

  22. It's Newbury st. not brevity stupid smart phone ...

  23. I'm with B+. Been using Juno since my vinyl days (although HTFR was great for the stuff you couldn't seem to find anywhere else albeit a bit pricey).

    Occasionally use Beatport but always found it a bit clunky (Flash probably) and the 'hit rate' was always on the low side.

    I quite often just do a general Google search if I can't find something. It's amazing what turns up. Just found a Hernan Cattaneo/John Tonks mix the other day on a Ringtone site. 192b/sec but sounds OK.

    You've also got eMule (although haven't used it for a while) and Vuze (same), djdownloads and zippyshare.


  24. Where I can find quality remixes of popular songs? I search songs with the original names and cannot find anything decent, but sometimes I stumble upon remixes with different names than the originals (for example Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way and Peter Gelderblom - Waiting 4). Can someone recommend me websites for such stuff.

  25. Hi Guys

    Can anyone tell be were i can buy oldschool hardcore
    and techno from 91to94 on mp3 because im from ireland
    I cant use amazon to download mp3s.
    Any help would be great .



  26. I really liked Hardwell's album "Hardwell presents Revealed" volumes 1, 2 and 3 simply because a producer I really really like is sticking not-so-well-known stuff in his album and from there I've found a couple of names and tracks I love!

  27. Thanks for all the great music source and hunting suggestions! I'm especially digging the Hype Machine!!

    As previous poster commented I like to listen to live mix's of my favorite dj's and genre's to hunt for new tunes. Highly recommend joining the TribalMix community for this, very good quality live club sets of the top dj's! Most of the mix's also have set lists which helps tracking down for the purchase.

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