New: Gemini CDMP-7000 Dual CD / MP3 / USB Media Workstation

Gemini CDMP 7000 youtube

The Gemini CDMP-7000 Dual CD/MP3/USB Media Workstation: A feature-packed hybrid for semi-pros.

We first saw the Gemini CDMP-7000 Dual CD/MP3/USB Media Workstation at Musikmesse last year, but it was one of those "only-one-in-the-world" working prototypes. Now it's properly in production and due imminently.

It's an all-in-one DJ unit that in essence is two Pioneer CDJ-1000-lookalike media players with a three-channel analogue mixer in the middle. It can take external inputs, and will come with mappings for most of the main DJ software packages, so it can be used as a straight DJ controller, as a CD player, or even as a DVS, because you can plug your SL2 or Audio 4/6 into the mixer inputs round the back.

Because of the analogue mixer, DJs can use DJ software but loop the outputs back into the unit, giving them full analogue mixing of all inputs. The screens on the CDJs are TFT and are also Midi mappable if you really want to start hacking, and the unit carries across the DSP effects and sound card of the company's CDJ-700.

It's plastic built and so doesn't feel particularly professional, but at US$999 it offers reasonable value for the functionality, and will appeal to DJs who want to be able to DJ from all sources and with analogue as well as digital, all using one traditional-feeling unit.

Do hybrid units like this appeal to you? Are you attracted to large-form jogwheels and the more traditional CDJ feel over generally smaller digital platters? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Stonedsour says:

    Yes!!!! This looks sexy! But I'm still waiting for the mixdeck quad! When the hell is that coming out?

  2. What's the main advantage of this over, say, the much cheaper mixdeck?

  3. I have always wondered what all the fuss about 'being plastic so its not professional' is all about. Pioneer CDJs are not made of steel, neither is my computer, nor my TV at home. I guess if thats the case maybe Numark's CDN series or CD MIX series would be the only 'professional' products.

  4. DjdannyFierce says:

    I have a Mixdeck, the advantage seems to be the touchscreens, where you can regulate ur effects as well as search for tracks I'm ur library and use it to FF and RW. Plus it also has 3 channels and you get the awesome looks of it which I'm really liking. Who wants to buy my Mixdeck?! Lol.

  5. I don't have it in me to spend $1000 on something that is made by Gemini.

  6. Mikemusic says:

    All-in-one units just don't appeal to me for one simple reason: if something goes wrong with one part of the unit, the entire unit is useless. I use 2 Numark V7s & a Behringer DDM-4000 and if, God forbid, something ever happened to one of my units, I can still use my other unit while I send the broken one to get repaired.

  7. For a personal/home set-up, this looks quite appealing!

  8. This look profecional and very nice layout and i think i will buy this or the ddj-t1, think CDMP-7000 beacous this can use in a club and have many inputs

    • don't thing the t1 is better if you are a mobile guy then the t1 can be a better choice especially if you carry your controller alongside with you, however the gemini can be your home setup and practise with it, when you turn up in a club you will feel right at home with the pioneer cdjs, i just gave back my mixdeck quad since it had soundcard issues at least i got my 900 euros back let's hope this has no issues.

  9. What softwares have they mapped? Also it is plastic but I plan to bring this to many of my gigs as a backup mixer? Also are the jog wheels big enough to scratch on this. I found this for 600 dollars (Us) and I'm thinking it's a good price for 2 CDJ and a mixer I plan on using this when play at clubs or raves but I want to make sure nothing will go wrong or should I invest in some CDJ or turntables?


  10. DJ Junior says:

    Can someone please tell me why these are still on back order??? I ordered this thing in March!!!

  11. Hi guys, i wonder if you can help. Im 100% dead set on getting either the Gemini CDJ 700 or the CDMP 7000, but not sure which. Are there any huge differences? I own a Behringer DDM4000 Mixer and been offered 2x CDJ 700 fairly cheap, so that would make a good setup. But i'm also liking the whole 'whole in one unit idea'. Im completly stuck on which to actually get. Is there a particular 'better' model in terms of these two? Many thanks

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