NAMM 2013: KRK's Founder Develops Behringer NEKKST K5 & K8 Monitors

Behringer K8 and K5

They may look like normal DJ/producer near-field monitors, but they've got DSPs, downloadable audio profiles and Bluetooth built in.

Behringer's new near-field studio monitors, the NEKKST K5 & K8, have been developed for the company by Keith R. Klawitter, the man who founded and built KRK.

As well as RCA, TRS & XLR inputs the speakers have iOS and Bluetooth connectivity, which can work simultaneously with the wired inputs. Both have 1" silk dome tweeters, and they have 5" and 8" long-throw glass fibre woofers respectively. The speakers also have a patent-pending means of switching between studio tunings, as well as ultra-linear "DSP correction". It will be possible to download iconic studio speaker tunings from the Behringer website and install them on the speakers via iOS.

We have no price or availability information as yet.

Do you like the idea of having Bluetooth on studio monitors? Or being able to use a built-in DSP to ape the sound of other iconic speakers using these? What do you think of Keith R Klawitter's involvement in the project? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Dope! Definitely will be looking into a pair of these when they are released. Should be great for testing tracks on "different" speakers when mastering new tracks.

  2. bluetooth audio is a real plus, would be great when using multiple devices to audition tracks. If the 5's are comparable in quality and price of the Rokit's, these are a sure bet

  3. They look slick ... if they can deliver shurely a nice monitor.

  4. I think this is super cool. I've been holding off on buying monitors for my studio...

    I really like the idea of IOS connectivity, these monitors are perfect for my setup.
    as long as the price and reviews are good, I'll definitely wait for these..

  5. futureglueq says:

    My big question is: is the bluetooth lossless? most bluetooth device aren't.

    Also, if one can completely bypass the DSP as this is where trouble usually starts. It does say ultra-linear but I'll wait for the tests.

    They do look a lot like the KRKs. Front firing port is nice.

    Wait and see

  6. Love the Bluetooth idea! I use my monitors for listening to music a lot and to use my phone would be cool as well. Behringer usually has fair pricing too. I might have to pick these up.

  7. The iOS and Bluetooth connectivity makes these very interesting. Great for home setups where the monitors are also used for listening music. I would consider getting these for the home setup if they sound good.

    Switching between different "speaker tunings" sounds like a shady marketing trick to me. There are so many things that affects the sound of a speaker. Also the way the speakers itself are built sets limitations on the sound they can produce. I doubt these will be able to accurately replicate other speakers. Still, an interesting concept and kudos for pushing things further.

  8. Behringer will undoubtedly be hearing from Focal's lawyers. CMS, anyone? For real.

  9. Behringer... such a blatant rip off of Focals CMS Series!

    you could copy the looks, but Behringer will still sound like garbage.

  10. Question is, will we have to wait another year to hear them in action? Sorry Behringer, but I'm not waiting on you, again.

  11. They have been released, Phil we need a review ASAP!

  12. Hmm USB and Bluetooth are gone... Lying Germans... grrr

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