What Do You Use To Play Music At Home?

Home hi-fi

Today I'd like to find out what your sound system is at home - that is to say, what you use to listen to music away from your DJ controller or home studio.

For some of you that may be the same thing, but I guess for many of you, you have a DJ practice area in your bedroom, or in another room, and then you have another audio system in your living room or for your family. Maybe you're at college and in shared accommodation, and have something you all use in a common area? It's that audio system that I'm interested in! Do you use a home cinema system? Do you have a traditional "hi fi" that you maybe also have your TV wired through? Do you have an AirPlay or Bluetooth wireless system? A single room-filling Bose-style seaker/amp?

For me, all my "pro" DJ gear is in the Digital DJ Tips workshop (which is not where I live), so at home we have a stereo system in the living room (a Denon hi-fi mini separates set-up from a few years back, actually) with bookshelf speakers. It has an Apple AirPort plugged into it so it can be used to stream music from (usually) my iPhone, and it's also used as the TV sound system for watching films etc. The only time the CD ever gets used nowadays is to listen to children's songs that my two-year-old boy brings home with him from nursery!

How about you? What's your "main" non-DJing sound system? The reason I'm asking is that we may cover some good consumer hi-fi gear of the type that appeals to DJs in a round-up later on this year, and I'd like to get a sense of what other DJs are using and what you like/don't like so I can focus in on the right kind of stuff.

So, over to you. Let us know what you listen to tunes on at home when you're not practising your DJing, in the comments below...

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  1. Klaus Mogensen says:

    I use Sonos gear in different parts of the house, but the main setup is a NAD amp and 2 B&W speakers. This is wired to a Sonos controller (w/o amp and speakers), the TV, and an old CD player

    • Ivan Smith says:

      I have two systems: one HT and one Music

      System 1:
      Cambridge Audio 7.1 HT amp
      B&W CC-3 centre, B&W DM-302 fronts, Krix (Australian) Brix rear and Richter Thor 12" Sub,

      System 2:
      Yamaha stereo amp (2012)
      Cambridge Audio Dacmagic DAC
      Sony DAB+ receiver
      MacBook Air 11" w/ Audirvana Plus for mix playback (FLAC, ALAC etc) - connected by USB (no jitter)
      Krix KV-35P tops (Australian) and home made 12 active sub- woofer

    • I currently have two systems in use..

      Sony KDL 46 NX/720 LED Gorilla Glass TV
      Apple TV / IPad 4 / Sony PS4
      Denon AVR 4800 thx ultra
      Denon DCD S 10
      Denon DCD 1650 AR
      Denon AC-33 Speakers 160 Watt Peak
      Velodyne DLS 3750 R Subwoofer
      Audioquest Cinnamon Cables optical / HDMI
      Monster Platinum Navajo White Speaker Wire
      Sonic Bliss..

      Girlfriends House (cause I couldn't take her bs system anymore..)

      Denon RCD M33 MIni Reciever
      Kef HTS 7001 Speakers
      Nasty Combo..

  2. myNizdillon says:

    Still looking for my own pad to live in so dont have much room for a sound system. I use my audioengine a2's mainly in my room for mixing and listening to at the moment. the fill the area nicely.

  3. I am going to buy a 'Yamaha RX-V473 5.1 Receiver' (HDMI, 3D, 4K, AirPlay, Network, 5x 115 Watt) soon and expand it with a set of wonderful 'Magnat Monitor Supreme' (rear 2x 100, front 2x 200, center 1x 250, 1x sub 201a) speakers. In my opinion (or what I hope) it is best stuff you can get in cost-effectiveness nowadays.
    What do you think, does anyone have experience on one of these devices?

    • The RX-V473 is a great surround amp so you'll have no problems but if your budget can stretch I'd go for the RX-V673 instead. It's a class product and will do everything you need really well.

  4. What a great topic.
    Been thinking on Sonos for ages, went three times to shop and still not 100% if the qualty is worth the money.
    Can somebody advice

    At the moment, I am moving apartment and going for an AKAI amplifier with retro look, a pair of Bose 901 and the apple airexpress to control with an Ipad or Touch

    This is much cheaper cause the ampli and bose are second hand

    Any advice please?

  5. I use a Yamaha RX-V357 5.1 surround sound amp which I have had for around 10 years and is still going strong and a pair of Wharfedale diamond 5.1 and a pair of Wharfedale diamond 7.1 monitors which I have owned for about 16 years they have been through a lot of use at home, at parties, traveling and moving with me and are only now starting to show the signs of old age. Wharfedale speakers big thumbs up from me.

  6. Typically, my iPad via Apple TV & AirPlay through an NAD 1600 preamp/receiver, an NAD 216 amp, and a pair of KEF C series speakers. Old stuff, but it sounds so good I can't part with it. And yes, great topic!

  7. I switch everything through the surround sound system I have at home. It's an RCA so it's nothing fancy, but it does 5.2 (meaning that there are two sub-woofers). I don't (yet) have an audio interface that can assign one channel per speaker, but I do have 3D Surround mixing software just in-case I run into such a device. I feel really let-down that a lot of music isn't made for surround sound systems. MOVIES have surround sound, but not a lot of dance music does.

    • futureglueq says:

      Well, when you think about it, why would you want a surround experience?

      We as humans are so used to listening to music in left/right mode: the band is performing in FRONT of you, you are not in the MIDDLE of the band and there's no one playing behind you. I had a few quadraphonic DTS albums (pink floyd & Santana). At first it was fun to hear the cash registers from 'money' going at it all over the room, but then the novelty wore off.

      But I hear you. I would love to do DJ sets with a 4.0 panning joystick. Might cause a few people to puke I reckon :)

      • That surround system is for movies more than likely. When listening to music the sound usually comes through the two front speakers and the subwoofer because that's what it was coded for. So the surround system 5.1 or however many speakers one has is for movies.

  8. Noel lowdon says:

    Denon rcd m38 (dab radio, line in, USB cd/mp3 playback) floor standing speakers. Sky box audio out into this bad boy and does fine for loud tv. Cant do with surround sound with the quiet moments in speak then blown away in next action shot. This little thing is both competitive in price and more than does the trick in this day and age. Newer model available now I think!

  9. what i use to listen to music is BEHRINGER DDM4000 CDj Pioneer850 and Alto Speakers TrueSonic Class D is a Pair Speakers with 800 watts i use to MY LAPTOP and Pc with Traktor Pro software and controller AKAI APC40 with software all this to listen my music and for learne to and so i have fun with my remixes and producion My name is JPPimenta

  10. Denon AVR-1911 amp and 600 series B&W speakers (5 of them) - which I hardly ever use for music! Probably breaking some sort of a law there!

  11. Jack Moore says:

    Coming from a student,
    Dayton 6.5 inch bookshelves, Lepai 20 watt amp, Fiio E17 headphone amp/dac using line out. Pretty much a cheap hifi around $200 that I use on my desk. Speakers are only 2 feet away from my head so no need for an ultra powerful amp. Source is my pc. Overall sounds really good for the price and blows any other pc speaker setup out of the water.

  12. 1x Denon AVR-890 receiver
    2x Paradgm Signature S8's (left and right mains)
    1x Paradgm Signature C5 (middle)
    2x Paradgm Ultracube 10 subwoofer
    2x Paradgm Surround 1 (back left and right surround)

    All driven by two rotel RB-1090 amplifiers.

    So yeah, all in all, a very expensive, but crazy awesome sounding and looking 5.2 system. On the occasion I plug my Dj stuff into it to practice, I just use the two S8s in stereo.

  13. Pair of Spirit Absolute 2's running from a Samson Power amp with my computer plugged in to that. Minimal.

  14. Well, my set up is 2x bookshelf speakers from Sony plugged into a Lepai amp. All of it cost me less than 100 US dollars, bought from Amazon and sounds great in my room.
    I'm playing on CDJs.

    • futureglueq says:

      Well, I don't know about the Lepai, but I looooove T Amps like it.

      It the best run for your money this side of the sub-$5000 amp. I'm surprised how few people know about them. I've tried a few and my personal fave is the Trends. Great imaging, smooth highs, great separation.

      Basically if you're using a HTS, there's very good chances it sucks for music. Do you feel like doing something else when you put on your music? Does it drive you kinda bonkers when it's loud? There's a good chance your soundsystem is the culprit (assuming you're not playing 192k mp3s).

      As far as speakers, I like the Polk clearance page on Ebay. Also Klipsch. I recently got klipsch wf-35s. After about a month, they really opened up, they are amazing and I paid half of the retail price because they no longer make them.

      There are good stereos to be had out there but stay away from the big box stores all in ones...

  15. I use my Adam A7X speakers connected to my computer using my Traktor S2 for all my home entertainment.

  16. We're between houses at the moment, (....sold our last place & currently at my girlfriends mums for a few months), but I think our system will remain the same in the new place.

    Because our last house was tiny, we made a conscious effort to de-clutter, & remove all unnecessary hi-fi. ....but still keep a fairly good quality system.

    So, our fairly expensive Loewe TV became the main sound system in the lounge. It's got a fairly good speaker system in it, & it sits on the network & pulls stuff in from my work computer sat in the office upstairs. It also has an apple TV connected to it, which can see my music collection.

    The second system in the kitchen is a bose dock, with an iPod classic in it. ...the iPod deliberately contains everything that was in the CD racks in the lounge, before we de-cluttered. I know Bose tends to upset a few audiophiles, but you can't beat them for a simple room filling sound system.

  17. JonnyFlash says:

    Logitech z-2200 2.1 speakers and Logitech z-2300 2.1 speakers depending on the room. And also we have a few Specktone iPod docking stations.

  18. Gbadegesin says:

    In this area, I combine my love for music and my IT profession.
    I have a multi room audio system with in-ceiling speakers in all the rooms. Each room has an in-wall pad where you can choose the source of music you want to listen to. This is all connected back to an Onkyo amplifier in the living room. The Onkyo has two ziones. What this means is that I can be listening to music/watching movies in the living room while listening to music from another source (e.g Internet radio) in any if the other rooms. All this is networked back to my NAS server which houses most of my music and various mixes. All these can be controlled via my phone and tablet. Sounds complex , I know but I'm also a gadget freak. If I wasn't a DJ, I'll be into home entertainment.

    • Show us pictures! Do you use Control4 on your smartphone?

      • Gbadegesin says:

        DJ Nightlife, I totally agree with you, this type of article really needs pictures to illustrate. I have no idea how to post pictures here.
        I do not use tge Control4, however, I use the Harmony 555 all-in-one remote (very wife friendly). This remote combines different actions and turns them into a single activity. For example, at the touch of a button , it can switch on your TV, switch on your amplifier, dim the lights, switch on your Sky box and change it to your desired channel. A lot if the devices also have smart phone apps. I use an Onkyo TX- NR609 amplifier. When I wake each morning, I grab my phone or IPad, switch on the Onkyo (which is in another room), tell it to play a randomly created playlist on my Synology NAS server, tell it which zones to play the music and tell it to go to sleep after I have left for work. It's really cool when it all comes together.

  19. I use an Onkyo 876 surround sound amp and 7.1 channel full range speaker setup (soon to be upgraded to Monitor Audio speakers) with an Airport Express for wireless streaming.

    I've configured it so that I can play music in either 2-channel or 5/7 channel stereo. The best thing is that my DJ equipment sits at the back of the room in line with my rear surround speakers so they can be used as DJ monitors. It's a great combination.

  20. I've got a couple of set ups. For DJing and some music listening I have B&W 685s powered by am Onkyo 8050. For TV and also some music I use a couple of Sony 3-way towers in which I've replaced the crossover also powered by the Onkyo and an active-subwoofer. Upstairs I have two Zu Audio Omens which I power with a Marantz PM5004 sourced from an Ipod through a Pure I20, through an Emotiva XDA-1 DAC. I also do a fair amount of listening on the computer to my Senn HD650 headphones through my Grant Fidelity TubeDAC (which also runs to the Onkyo).

  21. Haroon Khalique says:

    I got an arcam alpha mk 2 amp, yep its pretty old, but its nice rich, warm sound and will drive most speakers becuse its about the cuurent not the watts. Though it could do with se new capacitors to bring the bass back. Never will get rid of it wasy first amp when I was a student. The speakers are Castle Trents mk 2, hand crafted in north yorkshir, great midrange. Though having said that dj set up is Naim Nait 3 ampwith Naim Intro floorstanders, which I could swap with the other system, but too sselfish 😉

  22. I use a reasonably high end traditional HiFi separates setup, which is fed by a fanless PC that I built myself and plug into the telly. For music I use JRiver Media Player software which is controlled by an IR remote. I also use Windows Media Centre for recording/watching TV on it.

    Chord DAC 64 DAC
    Krell KAV-400xi Amplifier
    Anthony Gallo SA Sub-bass amplifier
    Anthony Gallo Reference III speakers

    It gets used a lot :-)

  23. I got all my stuff, the computer, DVD Player, DJ mixer and so on hooked to an Akai AA-V205 receiver, which I inherited from my cousin. That thing was made in 1986 and still works and sounds fine. Except for the remote.
    Don't know what speakers I got, but they are from JBL and most likely as old as the reciever.

  24. I have my DDJ SX connected to a pair of Event 20/20 then my iMac is connected through a M-Audio Firewire Solo to one of the line in channels on the SX I don't have any kind os HIFI stereo at all.

  25. I run a 1975 Marantz 2250B (borrowed from my father, who is the original owner) and a pair of late 70s Mcintosh ML-2Cs (third owner, not great shape but slowly working on them). My practice/alt rig is a pair of Polk Monitor 7s (third owner) and a Marantz 2230 (second owner). Sound is sourced from my Retina MPB (or aux cable) through a Yamaha MG102c.

  26. Basically nothing. Wife / 2 kids / me all use headphones, ipads, computers for music. Usually if we're in the living room entertaining or whatever, then we fire up the living room computer that runs through the TV and the home theater speakers, which are a cheap sub-$300 setup. That would almost always be playing some random playlist on spotify or rhapsody, possibly consisting of holiday themed music or lite jazz suitable for 80 year old in-laws.

  27. as i am on the roads for a while now (relocating to portugal) i use 'Hercules XPS 2.0 30' excellent portable speakers...
    these are the best i ever used for travelling..


  28. portable boombox. $25 at walmart. runs on 6 C batteries too, so I take it to the beach and scratch....life is hard yo :)

  29. ACowCalledMoo says:

    Funny enough i use almost the exact stereo you chose to put up as a picture...!

    An Onkyo CR-715DAB coupled with a pair of ALR Jordan Entry S speakers.. I use this both for mixing with my TM2 and pdoduction using Ableton Live 8 on a Mac.
    sound quality is the best i've had yet.

  30. I just use my Studio Monitors M-Audio bx8a hooked up to my DDJ-T1 and my Macbook Pro at the same time so i can switch from listening to normal stuff on iTunes etc.. to mixing in just a secound :) !!!

  31. I have a Cambridge Audio DacMagic+ plugged into my computer via USB, a 20 watt amp I built myself an a pair of Cambridge Audio S30 speakers. All fitted into my bedroom

  32. Yamaha RX-A1020 receiver with direct iPod and USB connection
    5.0 speakers in the living from Piep Piper
    2.0 speakers in the kitchen from KEF
    Sony Playstation for games
    Humax iHDR5200c for digital tv and harddisk recording
    Sony BDP-S470 for BluRay, CD, DVD, etc.
    Sony Bravia

  33. I sync iTunes playlists to a 64gb SD card on my Android phone and use a Jawbone Icon HD (higher quality bluetooth earpiece) to listen to my music wirelessly wherever I go - even when the wife thinks I'm watch a film with her!

  34. I have an amp harman kardon hk3270 since 1998, b&w speakers, 2 685, 2 dm 303. Sound as good as new

  35. denon 3310 receiver
    JBL Northridge E90 fronts - studio center

  36. I just moved and now have my dj gear in a spare room, so i had to buy smaller speakers for the dj room (Mordaunt Short Aviano 1's)and a new amp for the living room.

    For my main hi-fi system i have:

    Panasonic Plasma 3d TV
    Caimbridge Audio - Topaz AM10 amp
    Samsung Blu-ray player
    Eltax Symphony 8.2 floor standing speaker (over 10 years old but still sound amazing)
    Tannoy SFX active sub-woofer

    at the moment i use a 3.5mm jack to RCA for the iphone/ ipad but plan on getting a bluetooth reciever to replace that.

    if i want to connect my laptop i use HDMI to connect and the audio comes through the TV's output into amp.

    Everything is connected with good quality cables, which is quite important IMO for best quality hi-fi sound.

    i am considering upgrading my speakers to the Dali Zensor 7 and getting a DAC (Soundcard for hifi)for my digital music once i have saved up enough for them.

    Must admit hifi tech is almost as addictive as dj tech lol. but you get what you pay for ultimately.

  37. KRK Rockit6
    Yamaha SW10

  38. Laptop --> Controller --> RCAs --> Sound Bar... cheap, yet affective for an apartment setting. If I was in a house, I'd just hook up my PA system. 😉

  39. Michael L says:

    Keepin' it simple around here with a seven-year-old Panasonic home theatre sound system with 5.1 surround sound speaker system in the living room. A wedding present that does the job well enough.

    Glad we didn't get anything too high-end because it's lower-risk with little kids running around. (The DJ gear stays safely in cases until my 5-yr-old daughter is off to bed.)

    In the kitchen we've got a laptop and a basic Sylvania clock radio with iPod dock that feed into a pair of AudioEngine A2 speakers (the latter purchased on Phil's recommendation -- by the way, thanks Phil, they sound awesome!).

    I use the A2s as monitors for home DJ practice sessions so I can play late at night without bothering the neighbours in our apartment building with the subwoofer from the Panasonic.

    • Forgot to mention I've got an Apple TV box and a Roku 2 box that feed into the TV and then the home theatre system. Most of my day-to-day music listening happens through Internet radio streams from the Roku.

  40. MrSteve81 says:

    Samsung hifi I bought from Littlewoods about a million years ago.

    I remember when it turned up my grandad going mental as the speakers were so big. They are 15 inches tall. :)

  41. I have a Logitech Z-2300 2.1 speaker system in my living room connected to my TV and Apple Airport Express. I use this setup to stream from my iMac, iPhone via Airplay or directly from my Xbox 360 and the iheartradio app. In my practice room I have two Mackie Thump th-15a's connected to my DJ setup. The Logitech is a desktop computer sound system, but the sub is pretty powerful so it's great for streaming party mixes directly from my iMac or iPhone when we have friends over. The Airport is hub for it though, because without it it would be a wired system and I didn't want to be tethered by wires.

  42. living room:
    Onkyo TX-NR3010
    Wharfedale Emerald and Diamond speakers
    Paradigm sub
    Onkyo HT-RC230
    Fluance speakers
    DMC sub

  43. My System is:

    1x Denon AVR-1912(Multi Room Capability)
    1x Pioneer 300 CD/DVD Player
    1x Panasonic 50" Smart TV with Pandora Streaming and Youtube
    1X Apple TV
    1x Panasonic Bluray Player
    1x Boston Acoustics CS-1 Center Channel Speaker
    4x Polk Audio Book Shelf Speakers(Living Room)
    2x AR Audio All Weather Speakers (1x in Kitchen, 1x in Bathroom)
    2x Klipsch Speakers(Master bedroom)

  44. Christopher Rumfield says:

    I have had many systems through the years including wired surround. After moving several times, 2 speakers is pretty much OK for now. Sony bookshelf mini (50 watts Per channel rms) and Sony 10" sub through speaker connections downstairs. Upstairs (two living rooms) Panasonic mini system (200 watts rms).
    I LOVE exotic equipment but both room and bothering the neighbors are more important to me.

  45. I use Sony 5.1 Home theater set up for TV's & Movies, for listening to music got a creative 2.1 which sounds better then a sony, in car i use JVC Surround with two amps one sub. my choice for listening music is M-audio AV40's which i tested recently will acquire them soon

  46. It's all about some classic KRKs tht I also use for production. Otherwise I listen to music on my Beyerdynamic DDT 770 pro headphones: amazing quality and no resonance (which I find in very small and square room!) That Sub builds up quite a bit!

  47. DJ Demonick says:

    When I'm just listening to music, I still use my Macbook with my S4 as a soundcard into 2 Alto Ts115a's... Its loud, sounds great, and my neighbor is mostly deaf anyway.

  48. I love my setup at the moment although might be changing the hifi soon. at the end of my bed sits a 42 inch philips lcd tv connected to an htpc (home theater pc about the size of an xbox) the pc is connected to a samsung max da66 dvd player with its own 2.1 speakers about 250 watts rms. i use the pc for music and movies and to control it i purchased a wireless keyboard with a touchpad so its like a laptop keyboard. who needs smart tvs when you can have a pc instead right?

    the samsung has two aux inputs, one used for the htpc, and the other for my controller and dj laptop which sit on another desk right next to the tv. that way, i can connect the dj laptop to the tv as well and practise some video now and again.

    Thinking of changing the hifi recently. i got the impression that the bass of the samsung is drowning everything else. tried different settings on the pcs and sort of solved the problem but only to an extend. im currently looking at the Philips FWM6000/10. not a necessity but more of a luxury because i love its looks. or should i go for a small pa system instead that i can have as backup?

  49. I use a pair of microlab speakers as monitor speakers in my spare room and I have a Bose 5.1 system in the living room. I know, I know, but I love the Bose! What has been my surprise buy is my microlab C7 speakers. They are amazing for what I want.

  50. In my living room i've got a Yamaha 6.1 digital surround receiver, 2 Jamo S606 speakers and a Kenwood sub, also the 6.1 setup with additional surround speakers, it has a kickass sound.
    For my dj room (or studio as you may call it) i've got a JVC amp and a magnat subwoofer system, i don't need much power here because it's a small room and my neighbours would get nuts, also i've got a Behringer 750 mixer, Traktor X1, Reloop Contour, Traktor Audio 10 interface, 2 gemini turntables and my laptop.
    Love this shit, i'm a bit of an audio freak and if i could afford more it would be there...

  51. For me my set up had to be multi room I wanted music from one source streamed all over the house. However I am a student and cannot afford Apple airplay or Sonos systems. These set-ups also have the added negative side affect of tying you in to software or sources of music i.e. iTunes. I wanted to be able to use my laptop to digital dj in my student house during parties whilst still being able to stream music using: Spotify, soundcloud and internet radio during the day.

    After a huge amount of digging I found a cost effective solution. It's a Linex Wireless FM transmitter that cost me around £20. It effectively links your laptop or digital controller with anything that has FM receiving capabilities which until recently was pretty much every hifi under the sun. The legality of such mini broadcasting devices has sometimes come into question but the car devices are everywhere so I don't think I'll run into any trouble. The range on 3 AA's is enough to easily cover a large house but thankfully transmission drops when your outside; so as not to cause any bother to local radio.

    The rest of my set-up contains varied mostly Sony equipment all with radio receiving capability. A home cinema amp in the lounge, a cheap bookshelf set atop the kitchen cupboards, 2 more bookshelf speakers and a sub in my room along with a vintage vinyl deck on my desk. It's nice that I can link all this equipment which varies massively in price quality and age with one handy gadget. It's been a life saver and I implore you look into it.

  52. I am a very proud owner of a Nubert nuBox 5.2 speaker system, wired through an Onkyo AVR (gets is data from my main workstation PC with 3x 24" Eizos, Wacom 21 UX and, for movie happiness, a large 106cm LG flat screen). So far no complaints other then the usual neighbour stuff. Well, turn the volume up to silence the doorbell 😉
    (no offense, but my neighbours were idiots from the start, just handing what they ordered)

  53. Laptop (or desktop) speakers.

  54. A 15 year old Bang & Olufsen Hi-Fi which I got from my mother after it vas 10 years collecting dust because the CD platter broke. I bought from the internet an adaptor from the B&O propietary 7-pin aux to mini-jack and then connected it to an Airport Express. Airplay in an elegant Bang & Olufsen hung to the wall, and amazing sound!

  55. superfly agaric says:

    I use a meridian 557 power amp connected to IPL s4 TL 'speakers. CD player is a meridian 506 hooked up to a passive pre.
    I also have a couple of valve amps, one of which regularly replaces the 557 and the pre. Thanks to my speakers being sensitive I can run a little Yarland EL84 which is super-sweet sound on only 10watts output.
    For DJing I have a denon mc6000 into some active monitors via the balanced out. The RCA outs are connected to another valve amp - a Consonance Opera using EL34 tubes - this goes into some sony brookland speakers.
    I love the active monitors but sometimes it gets tiring listening to them and I switch to the valves, the quality is there but they are less clinical. It gets me back on track again and if any friends come round they always want to use the valve amp.

  56. I used to use a RCA surround sound system when I was at home and when I first moved up to college. It was a bit on the loud side for the dorm setting, so I put it in storage which leaked so it got ruined. Most of the time, I use my Sony Studio MDR-ZX100 headphones so I don't disturb anyone, but when I get the chance, I have an older 2.1 Boston Acoustics set hooked up to my PC that I will crank.

  57. An Onkyo TX-SR504 with PolkAudio RM6750 5.1 Surround Speaker System.

  58. I have a pair of Wilson Audio Watt/Puppies connected to a spectra DMA-100 and a DMC 30. For CD's I use a Linn CD player (Sondek CD12) and I use Sonos for over the air music and I connect XLR to the back of the pre amp to use my Duet and laptop.

  59. I'm sort of a stereophile and my home system reflects this.
    2x B&W CM-1's connected to a McIntosh 2105 Power Amp.
    2x Klipsich Icon 10" Woofer Connected to a Pioneer SX-2800

    Looking to get a Little Dot MKIII to get the warmth missing in these two solid state amplifiers.

    I love the Vintage Amplifiers. It's hard to get modern equipment that sings as good as these two. (Even though half their VU meters don't work lol)
    ~DJ Peak

  60. Hi,

    I have a small home studio for use as a musician and DJ.

    I use a MacPro with the Apogee Quartet , JBL Control 5 , and a Sub. The amps are Yamaha P4500 and the X-over is a JBL M552

    I have the KRK VXT 6, Yamaha MSP5, Yamaha DXR12 but do not like them to listen to music. I love the old (not yet discontinued ) JBL Control 5 warm, smooth old sound. It sounds great with old and new recordings as well for use with my Yamaha digital Piano and keyboards. Sometimes I use iTunes, djay or Traktor Pro with the S4.

    I also have a Sony Home Theater STR-KS3600 and also love it to listen to music at home.

    Elvert Brandao
    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  61. DJ Digital dB says:

    I use a sony 7.1 surround sound amp with two altec lansing 100 watt speakers i use it to watch movies from my computer listen to tracks im discovering and evidently to DJ otherwise i have a home theatre with a denon 5.1 amp with 4 column speakers one centre speaker and a sub all paradigm for the speakers

  62. My new Audyssey Audio Dock Air will be here this afternoon via UPS-I hope it's a sweet speaker setup-since I have all apple stuff!

  63. Am a sound junkie, so i tend to often find myself going through various things, for some reason though what I have now just seems to have done it for me and I think I will keep that for a while.

    No... don't ask why I have two... *runs to hide*... but am currently thinking of adding a sub to the second piece, though I do get the low end that I need out of those Eltax and may not really need a sub.

    Main PS, Movie & Music stereo:

    Denon AVR 1909
    Tannoy HTS 200 (5.1 Speaker system)
    Onkyo DX-C390 CD Player

    Lounge stereo:

    Denon AVR 1909
    Eltax CineMatic (5 speaker system)
    Denon ASD 3N iPod Dock

    I also once in a while hook my kit up to the lounge stereo just to give the neighbors a hard time.

  64. Airport express in the kitchen, nad amp and some old Sanyo book shelfs. Mostly spotify and beatport on this. And a marantz with monitor audio rx6 silver floor standers in the living room. Do most of my listening in the kitchen. Spotify, ipad and AirPlay changed everything for us. Do my mixing on some Roland monitors in the corner of the lounge

  65. I have a Onkyo HT-RC260 receiver with 2 Klipsch Icon WF-34 floorstanders, a Klipsch Icon WC-24 center channel, 4 Klipsch Icon WB-14 bookshelves and a Klipsch SW-110 subwoofer all powered through an APC H15 power conditioner for a 7.1 surround sound system. Music from my iPad and iTunes on my laptop come through my AppleTV which is directly hooked into the receiver. I love my sound system, spent a lot of time listening to speakers before I bought it and enjoy some nights just sitting in front of them listening to my favorite band play a live set, makes you feel like you are right in the middle of it all.

  66. I use a Denon AVR-590, Mac mini and Audirvana Plus, outputting to a 5.1 in ceiling Speakercraft speaker system.

  67. i just use my pc and it speakers :) , when i practice mixing i use my cdjs 900 and djm800 and my pc speakers :) that cost 10$

    yeah m broke xd , but i love music

  68. Isaiah Furrow says:

    At home I have a home theater system, Sony/Bose, with a Pioneer CDFile 101 disk changer. Outside an iPod and Leapster/LeapPad headphones....LOL
    I also use vintage gear like a Marantz or a Sansui 6060 and a pair of Sansui 12" cabinets from the 70s. Also a pair of 12" Pioneer tower speakers, from the 90s. Those four and the 6060 is what I've been using with my DJ gear.
    I listen to CDs, Digital music, and lately my fathers LP collection, and the radio when in the car.

    Thanks again to all who make this site great!

  69. Hi,

    I am new to Hi Fi, I have a question, can a dj Mixer like Hercules Mk4 can be used as DAC, will it serve as alternate.


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