Shazam Partners With Beatport


By partnering with Beatport, mobile music discovery tool Shazam just got far more useful for DJs.

Shazam's great, isn't it? Remember the first time you used it to tag a track you thought you'd never know the name of? Trouble is, it's been kind of patchy for dance music… until now.

Because today Shazam - the service that can tell you the title and artist of a tune just by "listening" to it via your mobile device - announced its new partnership with the biggest DJ dance music store online, Beatport. This means two things for DJs: Firstly, all of Beatport's catalogue is now on Shazam, and secondly, you can buy from Beatport from directly within Shazam's apps.

"Adding the Beatport catalog to Shazam’s database is a great way for fans of dance music to discover songs that are being played by DJs all over the world," said Matthew Adell, CEO of Beatport today. "Our partnership with Shazam also gives DJs and producers exposure to an enormous audience of potential new fans."

Time to get onboard?

If you're not using a track recognition service like Shazam already, this makes it a good opportunity to grab one for your smartphone and start snagging the names of tunes you'd otherwise miss. It's become a vital part of my personal music discovery and I'd recommend you make it a part of yours too - especially as the Shazam apps are free nowadays.

Do you use a "tagging" app like Shazam or SoundCloud? What's your top tip for grabbing the names of tunes you don't know the title of? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. next they definitely need to partner with Spotify! every time i shazam something these days all i want is a direct link to open the song inside my spotify app, rather than emailing myself the title and checking it out later

    • Shazaam saves the info of all songs you've tagged. You can go back and check the next day/week/month/year... Heck you can re-shazaam things at a later date that it misses the first time.

    • Well, after Spotify stopped actually selling the songs, I rarely use it anymore.

      After "finding" a song I more often than not want to buy it to be able to use it DJing. That used to be easy, but now it's not possible within Spotify anymore, which almost renderes Spotify obsolete for me


      • Dr. Raider says:


        Not being able to use songs in spottily for Djing is one of the main reasons i never signed up for it (i prefer using the tunes right away in software to see how well it mixes). Have you tried Pulse Locker yet? Phil did a promo a few months back and as long as you use traktor or serato you should be able to try out your songs before you buy them. I'm still waiting for support for Virtual DJ though before i jump feet first into using the service.
        Hope this helps


  3. That is awesome..specially for a little producer like me that some DJ's play but most won't know!

  4. I wish SoundHound would have jumped this gun before Shazam.

  5. Just tried it still terrible. It found 0 out of 10 tracks.

  6. Never enjoyed the time it took for Shazam to connect if you weren't in a 4G or Wifi zone; it's cool that it'll be able to find remixes more now but I can still get to the booth and ask before it recognizes a track.

    Definitely has it's uses, I'm just not keen on using it.

  7. DJ Forced Hand says:

    I think this move was the best thing that could have happened for both companies. First, Shazam is now guaranteed to succeed as a company and Second, Beatport has a direct connection to what people are listening to where. It's a great move for Beatport because it doesn't have to develop a tool like Shazam on its own and it's a great move for Shazam because they have a much, MUCH larger pool of music to poll from. I wish these companies much success and hopefully something even better comes from the merger.

  8. These apps really are essential - I have heard a track on the radio on the way to a gig, identified it using Soundhound , bought it and played it out at that gig!
    I have used Soundhound for a couple of years and prefer it to Shazam, but this tie-in with Beatport could see me giving it a go.
    It would be interesting to seea head-to-head comparison of the apps for speed and accuracy.

    • Jam-Master Jake says:

      I've done this before myself...more than a few times! It's risky because you don't know the track, but it's fun/fulfilling for me and sometimes I hit on something big that the crowd loves and it becomes part of my regular rotation!

  9. Great, just if they can add Traxsource and it will be perfect !

  10. Wow this is awesome!! Tried so may times to pick up tracks names by using shazam, 80% of the attempts failed miserably. With this this co-op it might be a lot better, will test it next time in the club.

  11. This is great. But Android users can't get shazam on Google play :/

  12. Andy jennings says:

    It would be awesome if this app could auto tag too :) putting old CDs onto a hard drive can be a ball ache entering the tag fields musicbrainz is ok but listening to the songs whilst tagging is like a double check

  13. I hope that with the merger of Beatport, Shazam will be better at identifying artist who remix a particular song. EI: Beltek Remixes a Morgan Page song, and Shazam tells you it's Morgan Page, but never mentions anything about it being a remix.

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