Musikmesse 2013: Magma Root DJ Bags

Magma Root DJ Bag

The Magma Root DJ Bag range is designed for DJs who want a good value, back-to-basics way to carry their DJ controller, laptop and accessories around in.

Magma has launched the Magma Root DJ Bag range: a new back-to-basics series of bags for the DJ who doesn't need a pro-grade DJ bag, but who nevertheless wants something safe, secure and comfortable to carry their controller, laptop and associated accessories around in. The range contains three models, designed to carry the smaller controller sizes (S2, MC2000 etc), the medium sizes (S4, VCI-400) and the large sizes (DDJ-SX, NS6 etc).

In heavy-grade nylon, the bags feel a little like old-school vinyl record bags, but instead of a shoulder strap they have comfortable paded back pack style straps, and padding for the inside that can be user adjusted using velcro. A choice of pockets gives you somewhere to stow headphones, leads and so on, and there are extra internal flaps at the top to offer improved protection from rain.

The bags will be on sale soon, and will be the most affordable in the Magma range, although we don't have final confirmation of price at the time of going to press.


Do you like the look of this type of "back to basics" controller bag? What price do you thin it should come in at? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I've been thinking of getting a bag for my DDJ SX for when I'm traveling by buss or dont want to bring my car. Having it in flightcase for long walks and still needing some kind of bag for laptops and headphones is unpractical. Was looking at the Pioneer DJC-SC5 but it's not realy cheep for ocasional use. These look like just the right thing for me

  2. They look like decent bags and I'm definitely keen. Will be interesting to see what the price point will be for each size.

  3. as my magma digital bag is slowly showing signs of age (which is totally ok after 3 1/2 years of heavy use in my book) these look like a nice alternative. i've been a magma user for ages now and if they keep up their build quality, these will be really good bags!

  4. Flamieee says:

    looks very good. Is just what im looking for. Really curious about the price and when it's on the market.

  5. This is perfect. I needed an affordable bag to get my Terminal Mix 2 around. Any idea which bag I should get out of the three?

  6. I love all the magma products-finest build quality and totally portable(the bags anyways) I've also got the magma control stand in on my permanent setup(and it was quite a cack handed setup Phil!!!!! I don't think it'll come apart even if I wanted it to now)

  7. I was reading/watching the review for the Magma Riot backpack and wondering why all bags are pitched at the jet set 'a new airport everyday' DJs, which is about 1% of all people who own DJ controllers, then along comes this!

    Like previous posters, I'd be interested to see the price point. Hopefully they'll learn the lesson provided by Numark with the Mixtrack Pro - make it good, sell it cheap, shift bucketloads. If this runs to three figures (in Euros), then they're snowing us. It's just stitched plastic and foam, no reason it should be one hundred or more. I imagine the margins on the €200 bags are astronomical.

    Good on you Phil for recognising that not all of us fly the Pond weekly.

    Anyone know which one I'd grab for a Mixtrack Pro w/decksaver and a 16" laptop?

  8. Actually, Phil, will you please update this post when the price and availability is known?

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