Video Interview: Mike Monday

If you're a DJ who wants to start producing your own music, or if you've started but can't finish (it's OK, it's very normal!), you really need to watch today's video interview with veteran DJ/producer and music coach, Mike Monday. Following on from Mike's posts this week, which were some the most-read on the website in months, Mike chats to me candidly about what's really required to start - and finish - making your own music, and where so many people go wrong. He also tells us more about his free training videos and book (find out how to get them below).

What to do next...

Go to this page to find out more about Mike's free video training and to get your instant free PDF of Mike's seven secrets, as discussed in the interview.

Has this interview inspired you to have a go at producing your own tunes? do you have any questions for Mike or me on what we discussed? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Reading about it is great but hearing and seeing the person behind the words just takes the points to a different level. great piece and previous writings.

    p.s, will never say Im a perfectionist when at a job interview. :)

  2. Great! Timely Video Interview and just read Mike's 7 secrets e-book... I've been slow to start on serious production, mainly on fear I am going to lay down some serious cash for software and Midi controller (just have to have?) that turn out not to serve my needs or worse that I'll never learn how to use them and give up in frustration... and you can't sell Abelton 9 on Ebay once you figure you don't get it :-() Issue is I know I can get it, but I have to DO IT!!! So for me it is kind of like playing the piano when I was 9 years old. I could never seem to get it and basically told my parents I wanted to quit and did... took up drumming which I actually got but then never really pushed it further.... then as a teen did some amateur DJing and loved it and I got some recognition from my friends...but then pursued my non music professional career. Now I'm back at it as an old timer as a part time DJ :-). Getting some local recognition, but wanting to try some production. Also, being held back by the seemingly overwhelming amount of information out there, and where to start.... to the point of reading books (music theory, production, mixing, etc.) and surfing Internet Production Videos i.e. doing stuff ABOUT production while not producing... yes there is more than enough stuff out there... but I have yet to actually sit down on a DAW and start composing a track!!!! Guilty!!!! my issue is Procrastinating, doubt, and a little fear....Okay well....The Answer, It is so SIMPLE: Time to start Producing! Thanks Phil and Mike for the motivation and inspiration....

    • Mike Monday says:

      My solution to the overwhelming mass of information out there?

      Turn it off. Ignore it. You don't need it right now.

      Get Ableton (and you're right - of course you can "get it" - anyone with a brain can with enough persistence), clear all distractions, focus on finishing something (anything!) and just keep plugging away until you do.

      Now obviously in order to do that - you need focus, determination, willpower, persistence, confidence etc.

      But all of these skills are learnable (just like Ableton!)

    • Mark Quest says:

      there's a free trial version you can try on the Ableton website.. this should hopefully give you an idea of what the software is like to use * there's plenty of help available on YouTube if you ever get stuck.. Ableton has a very helpful community so if there's anything you are ever stuck on there will be somebody out there who was in the same situation & will be happy to help you out. Also, most of the controllers for Ableton come with a free version of Ableton that will get your hardware up & running. The Launchpad for example comes with Ableton Live - Launchpad Edition & plus over 1Gb of samples from Loopmasters - more than enough to get you going & only a relatively small outlay of about $175 gets you hardware & software.. you could add a cheap MIDI Keyboard later on for chords/ phrases for around $150 (M-Audio Oxygen 49 is what I have & it's great).. Add the velocity-sensitive LPD8 for drum racks & samples and there isn't much you couldn't accomplish with theses 3 bits of Hardware & Ableton Live and you're only looking at about $400 brand new for al this, or about $200 second-hand.. God I love how cheap technology has become & how it's broken down some of the financial barriers that prevented most people exploring their curiosity in producing/ Ableton. Also, Ableton works AWESOMELY as DJ software. I started of just using it for production but a few weeks ago i challenged myself to learn as much as I could about DJing with Live & I'm a much more all-rounded Ableton user for it. You can do it! It is a little daunting at first, but there's built in (actually helpful)lessons that show you everything you need.. You won't regret it - take the plunge & welcome to Live!

  3. gb4dubb says:

    Mike thank you, and like the first poster said hearing the words adds to reading what you say in the e-book... This convo you and Phil are having in the video in enthralling. Thanks..

  4. Very interesting! I am not in the process of producing at the moment. But I am sure the message will give a boost to many of us out there who want to do it!! Good job Phil for brigning this fresh approach for your readers! (You look a bit tired Phil. I am sure all these new projects and courses are very demanding...) but keep up the good work!!!

  5. Thanks for posting this video. I literarily took about 4 pages of notes so I can review the key concepts. Mike & Phil, you're correct , it is a very different way of looking at this. I'm in group 3 so to speak, 10 years experience spinning and remixing , my DJ sets are mostly fine, my remix sessions are at a crippled roadblock. I get a few 32 beat phrases and I don't think they're good enough for a finished arrangement , so I rework phrases over and over. These posts have given me a lot to think about and I'm gonna put this iPad down right now and go arrange something -Erik

  6. Mark Quest says:

    I'm absolutely loving Digital Dj Tips the past few months.. Anyone else? The Scratch Course, Production Tutorials for beginners & articles like this are all relative & it's all very timely! You've definitely glimpsed the future of where Digital is going Phil, and by helping the new gen of Digital DJs with concepts like scratching & production, hopefully it will feature more & more in live Djing now that they don't have to spend most of their time manually beatmatching.

    Kudos Mr. Morse, keep up the good work :)

  7. I cant thank you enough for such a great video lesson. I havent seen it fully because I wanted to take the time to write and say that both of you spoke to us as Teachers and as Friends with essential information. Thank You both so so much Phil and Mike. now ill finish watching it 😛

  8. Tam Tran says:

    I have finished certain tracks but i don't know where to get it out. I have a fear of holding my tracks back because I think that many of my tracks are well-composed and therefore, not be able to change them once they'll be published. Has anyone gone through this process and if yes, how can I deal with it?

  9. Thank for the reasoning.

  10. I am brand-spanking new in the digital dj world. Also a classically trained musician. In the last month I have stated producing tracks and learning to digital dj. Every track I start has not been 'good enough' and I've even deleted some stuff that took me hours.
    Since reading the 7 steps I've started one thats okayish, which shows that persistence helps with getting the stuff in your head into the program just as you've said, definitely going to finish this one before I touch anything else.
    Thanks for this video guys! really helpful.

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