Pioneer DJ Controllers Now Work With iPad Via DJC-WeCAi Cable

Pioneer DJC-WeCai

Plug in a Camera Connection Kit, an external USB power supply or battery pack, and your iPad and Pioneer DDJ-WeGo or DDJ-Ergo, and you can now use Algoriddim's djay and vjay programs with your controller and the Pioneer DJC-WeCAi cable.

Want to use your iPad instead of your laptop to DJ with? If you own a Pioneer DDJ-WeGo or Pioneer DDJ-Ergo, now you can, thanks to the DJC-WeCAi cable, announced by Pioneer today and available as of May 2013. The cable allows you to plug in to the iPad and use Algoriddim's djay and vjay software, "out of the box". That also means that you can experiment with video DJing from your Pioneer controller, too.

It's not all as straightforward as that, though. Firstly, as well as the DJC-WeCAi you'll need the Apple Camera Connection Kit, which is a small adaptor cable that plugs in to your iPad and gives you a USB socket for the Pioneer DJC-WeCAi cable to plug in to. This is unlike the Vestax Spin2, that just plugs directly in to the iPad. Secondly, you need external power in order to power your controller; the DJC-WeCAi cable has an extra USB plug for this, that you plug into a USB power source or a battery pack.

It's not clear from the launch material whether the power cable then charges your iPad as well as powering the Pioneer controller (we'd hope it does), and it's also not clear whether the iPad can power your controller (until its battery runs flat) or whether an external power source is mandatory. I'd expect the power supply is necessary. We'll bring you a review as soon as we've had a chance to obtain and test one, but meanwhile you can see the obligatory hero video (the useful explanation part is from 2:13).

• Learn more about the new version of djay that powers this upgrade.

Do you own a DDJ-WeGo or DDJ-Ergo? Do you like the idea of being able to use your unit with an iPad and djay/vjay? Please share your thoughts on the DJC-WeCAi in the comments.

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  1. Nice! The cable seems to be called "DJC-WeCAi" (instead of DDJ-WeCAi), and I found some more info on the Pioneer website:

  2. Toast. Thanks for heads up. Ordering now. Appreciated

  3. I wonder if this will work with an iPhone instead of the iPad. Ultra portable....

  4. It seems that this cable is similar to Pioneer offered.

    What do you think Toast?

  5. I bought the cable from
    I plug everything and try to run it but it doesn't work.
    It says: Cannot use device. The connected USB device requires too much power.
    Any help with that? Could it be the camera connection kit?

    • Jason B. says:

      I too am getting this same error. I tried plugging in the red USB into the power adaptor that normally charges my iPad2. I was thinking that perhaps I do need a better power source or USB battery pack?

      • David M says:

        Same problem here.

        I have an iPad 3 with 30-pin connector and Apple Camera Connection, and I just bought the DJC-WeCAi. However, when I try to connect the two devices, I get this message on my iPad "The connected USB device requires too much power" and the iPad does not recognize the DDJ-WeGO.

        Seriously disappointed. Need some help. Thank you.

  6. How about the speakers and the headphones? Do the speakers connect to the DDJ ergo or wego or do they have to connect them to the ipad?

  7. Is it possible that this will work with Native Instruments' iPad app as well?

  8. JayMack says:

    Hi all,

    Hope my tip helps others who were experiencing the issue "connected USB device requires too much power" when using the cheaper alternative cable with their iPad. I purchased the $7 cable from Amazon and when I attached it to my DDJ-WeGo and iPad I too had the error. This is what I did to get around it. I upgraded the DDJ-Wego firmware to the latest version, 1.09 AND I attached a 3 foot USB 2.0 extender I had laying and Hoila no error and dJay recognized the controller. I believe the cable sold by Pioneer is longer so that may explain the mixed results everyone is having.

    • I too had this problem with the DJC-Wecai cable so I just updated the firmware on my DDJ-WeGo to the latest version 1.09 and now it works with any usb power supply.

  9. You will need to have the latest firmware installed on the WEGO for it to work with the IPad. Has anyone try VJAY on IPAD with WEGO ?

  10. Oscar Coyle says:

    Hi, I've just updated the latest software on my ipad and ever since I've done that there is a clicking sound when I go to cue up a song on my ddj ergo v, just wondering what to do.

  11. My iPad isn't connecting to djay 2 app.. What do I do to make this wrk? I need help please...

  12. hello guys, is it possible this dj wecai cable can connect vestax spin 1 to ipad (djay) apps? cause vestax spin software on pc is Djay also. anyone have test it?

  13. I wonder if will work on Android like with Cross DJ

  14. Remco Lauwerijssens says:

    i'm wondering which dj controllers work with ipad and with a battery pack like the Wego series ?

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