Musikmesse 2013: Reloop Jockey 3 Remix Talkthrough

Reloop Jockey 3 Remix

The Reloop Jockey 3 Remix is physically the same as the Jockey 3, but has a whole new firmware and mapping layer to add some exciting 'macro FX' for the creative DJ.

In this video, I catch up with Christian from Reloop to find out about the thinking behind the new Reloop Jockey 3 Remix.We discuss the "macro FX" idea (lots of effects mapped to one control), how the Reloop's FX layer can put exciting new tools in the hands of the creative DJ, and how this controller offers an alternative to the Kontrol F1 route of creative DJing.

Reloop Jockey 3 Remix talkthrough video

Do you like the look of this controller? Does the idea of having an "effects layer" excite you? What did you like (or dislike) the most about it having seen the video? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Sorry, but I'm kind of failing to see what's "new" that this is doing that something like a VCI-400 SE wasn't already doing a year ago...

  2. I like what they did with this controller..I would like to see a bigger pitch fader, but over all nice concept

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