Exclusive: Public Finally Gets Its Hands On Virtual DJ 8

Virtual DJ 8

The general public has had its first chance to play with Virtual DJ 8 and to try its new, unique 'sandbox' feature this week.

The general public has had its first chance to try Virtual DJ 8 this week, with the software making its debut at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City. And a surprise new feature has also been added to the software, which we can exclusively reveal today. The new feature, dubbed "sandbox", lets DJs privately "test" the next mix in their headphones while the audience continues to hear what's currently playing - a first for a mainstream DJ software package.

"Basically, sandbox is like if you would open a new Virtual DJ on another computer, load the same songs, connect your headphones to this other computer, and try your mix there, while the first computer is still playing the song for the audience," our contact at Virtual DJ explained to us. "In an imaginary world it's like being able to move your needle to the end of the record playing, to sample the mix in your headphones, without actually moving the needle," he added.

Virtual DJ 8

Our exclusive screenshot shows the polish and some of the new features that have gone into the new version of the software, whose arrival is seemingly now close... (Click to enlarge.)

This new feature adds to the list of features that have previously been announced for Virtual DJ 8 (multicoloured waveforms, multitouch and so on) but which have trickled down into Virtual DJ 7 as the development team has continued to work on Virtual DJ 8. (We're not going to criticise - our Digital DJ Masterclass is also turning into a saga. Good things are worth the wait, folks.. 😉 )

For those who are truly getting impatient waiting for this one, our contact had some seemingly more solid news about the arrival of the long-awaited update, too:

"We are in the final stages of in house beta and will be going to our larger VIP/beta testers soon. Release is finally getting close."

Are you a Virtual DJ user who's waiting patiently for this version? What do you think of the "sandbox" idea? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Isn't the sandbox idea the same concept in Mixmeister Fusion? A much underrated piece of DJ software in my view. Great that VDJ8 will have sandox though - really useful - but is of course "mixing ahead" - a slippery slope...?

  2. Don't see the need for sandbox. I have 4 tracks but most if the time I use only 2, so I could do it with one that I don't use.

    What I really hope for is a better BPM detection, with the possibility to detect change of BPM in a song.

  3. I just left VDJ fro Traktor...and I would be lying if I said that I wasn't a little jealous of the features in VDJ 8. Looks like a solid upgrade!

    • I've often wondered if someone would include that "sandbox" feature, as it's something I've wished for myself when DJing. Can't wait to see how well it's been implemented.

      • Hey, I recall asking for this feature when "The One" got released. See, when you scrub ahead to a part and you mix in something that either just happened or mix in a part of something and record the piece, you can make even better remixes (live)... because it can be personal...

        EXAMPLE: Inserting in an "over" telling the guy/girl in the Pegasus outfit to drop the beat while mixing into the beat seamlessly... you record the sample, line up the end of the "tuh" (of beat) with the bass hit and then let the event happen... you can't guarantee that on a mic (especially when you're twiddling knobs), and you can't always prepare for things that happen on the fly ahead of time.

  4. Hilary David says:

    Still waiting (im)patiently....

  5. I just wonder how this will work on an external mixer.

  6. Sounds like a neat feature. I just wish Mixmeister would work this hard on their updates.

  7. DJ Majestic says:

    I'm not feeling the love. I personally don't use VDJ but I have tried all the different software's & controllers. Hands down Serato SSL & DJ with the video plug-in can't be beat. The controller's topping the market right now is the Vestax VCI-400 & Pioneer DDJ-SX. Vestax wins by a nose because of it's smaller size for portability. VDJ step your game up because Serato is like Charlie Sheen...winning!!!!!!!!!

    • I haven't tried all 3 major software, I own all 3 and what VDJ need is elastic beatgriding to be far superior to Serato

      • Dj.Exclusive1 Johnson says:

        i agree with this statement. I like to mix recording that features live drummers a great algorithm engine would be high on my list. sandbox maybe to some more of a gimmick than useful. Algorithms, elastic beatgridding, more effects and workflow is what most crave. we shall see....

    • I've seen serato try to implement video support for years. Took them 5 to get it right while VDJ has had full support for years. No extra plug-in to buy ever. Free updates for life too, supports tons of hardware and the software doesn't need to have hardware detected to run. Rane's a fixture in most clubs so it has a build in installed base and that's all. Hey if it works for you, great, but don't call it a comeback. VDJ has been good for years...

  8. celtic-dj says:

    wow...this sounds great...this is something i needed many times before as i was offered to extend my set or play another set on the same gig , making my intuition djing sound much more professional...

    adding the timeline remix engine to this makes vdj8 a program i must check...traktor is mooving towards controllisim and as a trance dj i would like to use abletons time line in a dj software so lets hope it works !!

    thanks for the review...

  9. I think by far VDJ beats serato dj and traktor dj. Lets not forget about content unlimited vdj has. The sanbox sounds nice but it might be a lil to much going on if u are in the process of mixing live. I just want a date of the release

  10. Innersense says:

    New features sounds nice and are always welcome. It would be very interesting to see if they gonna affect the design of forthcoming controllers. Hope to see it released soon!

  11. DJ SpecializED says:

    This is going to turn into a flame fest. Brb grabbing some popcorn! :-)

    • DJ Richard says:

      Quick... while SpecializED is getting popcorn...


      Ok.... SpecializED back? Sitting comfortably?


      Andddddddddd.... relax 😉

  12. I'm confused, how is this different from cueing your second deck in the headphones to hear how the mix sounds?

    • Because the track you are playing LIVE (ON AIR) is not at the END where you would like to make your mix.

      In Sandbox, you can move the position of the current (ON AIR) track to where ever you like, then try your mix into your next track. Once you figure out what you are going to do, you just disable the Sandbox, then get yourself ready to actually do the mix you just were playing with in Sandbox mode.

      Sandbox goes beyond just the mix though, you can manipulate the ON AIR deck, like find a loop/cue point later in a track, set a loop to take effect at a specific point with the improved POI system, apply an effect to a later part of the track, etc. etc. - then once you know what you are going to do or have things set - disable the Sandbox and do it LIVE.

      • I wasn't really liking the new feature until I read cstoll's comment. I don't think I would ever try a mix before playing it live unless I am practicing at home, but it will be great to be able to set a cue point and try your new cue points on a track you never played before. Of course, this is assuming the new cue point or loop you just created will take effect on the live track immediately.

    • With sandbox, you could leave the current track A playing thru your master and then jump to your mix point to see what the A-B mix will sound like.

      Without sandbox, you have to leave Deck A (and B, for that matter) alone since it is heard thru your master.

  13. What a great idea! I'd love to see that in Traktor for sure.... How many times have you wanted to test or remind yourself of a cue point/needle drop and had to "wait" to do it live - especially if trying to practise a set.

    With sync becoming gradually more widely-adopted-if-not-accepted-by-all this sort of feature allows you to be more creative during your performances as you have more time to do this. I love it!

  14. With regard to all DJ software, all these additions of new features will come to a tipping point where companies are just making up unnecessary features for the sake of making money. (It's getting to that point already with cellphones, like phones where you wave your hand to answer...what's wrong with pressing a button?)

    With the introduction of sandbox, I can't help but think that point is on the horizon. Features like sync and beatgrids have helped creativity, despite what some purists will say. However, sandbox just screams "amateur" to me. You should know your tracks well enough and be practicing often enough that you wouldn't need sandbox to test a mix live.

    I could see the benefit for a mobile DJ who is handling requests of tracks he might have just downloaded, but in those circles, few people care about how their track is mixed in or if it was done creatively. We already have looping for that. Or whatever happened to dropping a track? *GASP*

    Despite what many might think, even the profoundly creative DJs abide by K.I.S.S.

    "I got two turntables and a microphone..."

  15. You know what?
    These guys (along with Traktor, Serato and the others) work f-ing hard to keep Diva-DJs up to speed... They are CONSTANTLY trying to improve their products so that WE as DJs have the best tools available to rock our crowds.... Stop bitchin' - whatever software you use, it's your choice.

    Congrats VDJ - I hope your supporters appreciate the effort put into your product. I know I do.

    • I definitively appreciate new features if they actually help creativity, but not if they take the DJing away from the user. I like the possibilities on this new feature, but it does sound like something novices will use more than the rest, even though I will use it myself. I only wish they would just announce something new came out instead of telling us about it more than half a year early to keep us waiting. VDJ customers will most likely always be VDJ customers. Nobody is switching to them because of new features coming. In the contrary, it gives the other guys the time to come up with it first. Anyway, VDJ keeps being my favorite app with all the features and compatibility it offers, despite the bad sound compared to Traktor. I hope they fix that one day.

  16. roeland jansen says:

    biggest problem is when sync does not work.... I geneally can match beats within seconds so a sync button is superfluous for me.

    I still believe that its not really necessary but -- they are existing so be it.

  17. Sounds like the "Sandbox" feature described would be like an "Audition" button on a commercial radio broadcast board. If this is correct than it would be an industry standard, Great!!

  18. Donny Williams says:

    Will mapping be as easy as Virtual Dj v5.2?

  19. I love what I hav hear

  20. Very nice and very excited for this update!!! When is the expected release? And is there a way to become a beta tester??

  21. I am already able to do this with VDJ now. Although I am having to use a surround sound program that came with my laptop to be able to do this (basically acting as a rear speaker through headphone jack). So with this "new" feature I guess there will be no need to do this?? Since I have two headphone jacks??

  22. I've been a diehard VDJ USER since 2007. I started with trial VDJ version but eventually I became a certified PRO VDJ user. Thanks to this amazing software, convenient for my gigs/events, helps me a lot in all the way as a mobile dj. MORE POWER VDJ.

  23. its sad.. First of fix the real issues. then release the program and stop dropping hints of stuff real djs don't need. last weekends massive crash for me was the last draw for virtual dj. I lost the compition as head phones crashed and so did the laptop.

  24. Quick question does this new version come with post fader effects?

  25. saving loops as cues like traktor would be a game changer for me!

  26. DJ SpecializED says:

    i hope nobody poops in my SANDBOX!!! just saying.... BUT i think i could find this feature useful. (not the poop) i know my tracks well but not 100% well. Most times i have 2k songs on the computer plus 6k+ on the external so i do forget how some end but normally my solution to that is using the scratch (makes a clone on the opposite deck) feature and quickly fast fwd to the end to scope it out.

  27. Dj Emazing says:

    I'm sure a lot of traktor and serato djs will either come/make a switch back to vdj or at least buy it to use as a back up. I'm hoping the price is affordable plus I wish vdj would also make their own soundcard for timecodes. I'm going to have to get the sl1 from serato just to use so I won't have to carry around a controller.

  28. Michael the Ark Dj says:

    Wonder if an LE version will be included with certain controllers like the gemini G4V

  29. Dubalicious says:

    So what's the difference between sandbox and using deck c and d for testing a mix?
    Except that you will need a 4 channel external mixer.

    • thisisian says:

      exactly what i was thinking.

      In traktor i can already drag the existing & next tracks from A&B in to C&D & have a play around in my headphones with mix points later in the track.

  30. Tighter waveforms and beat grid (sound and visual) and the ability to simply change song info (and write that info to tags) direct from library instated of having to right click and enter into "file infos" would put VDJ ahead of Serato at least...

  31. HAPPY! so looking forward to the new version. i hope its not much heavier on hardware. im one of them that rans three laptops but none being exactly high tec.

  32. Big VDJ supporter here. If all it has is a (much) better hi/lo filter, than it'll be perfect:)

  33. Great idea by VDJ can be seen as USP providing something the other 2 arn't. Agree with JR comments tho, helpful for mobile DJ or someone who is unprepared, a useful tool none the less, but not something a pro dj would require.

  34. DJ StarMatic says:

    I understand that everyone has a preference for what they think is beneficial or not with the different software. I happen to like VDJ and found it very simple to use when I was just starting out, I have seen it go through the different upgrades and I'm loving it. I tried Traktor and Serato but for me VDJ is comfortable. I watched my ppls spin vinyl growing up appreciated the things they did with those turntables and a mixer...simple shit no buttons no laptops none of that but that was what they had .... now with time comes change and technology is what makes shyt like this cool..if you are a true DJ you can work with anything and rock the damn party... enjoy!!

  35. I guess guys dont understand vdj is for begginners, vrtual dj is to help djs get the hang of it, vrtualdj will hardly ever be used in a big gig or event. Its cheap- its basic.

    • That's not a really true, loads of pros on here use VDJ.

    • Ryan george says:

      1. Not sure where you get cheap and basic from, its one of the most expensive dj softwares Out there, I and many others use it for big Weddings, birthday parties and corporate functions, and in my opinion the most reliable software out there, it has never crashed on me, ever compared to traktor which crashes at least once a night and it has more features than serato. Think before you post

    • VDJ is actually the most expensive software, when you compare it to Traktor and Serato DJ.

      Traktor Pro: $89
      Serato DJ: $129
      Serato DJ + Video: $199
      Virtual DJ: $299

      For a lot of things it is also the best of them IMO.

      Best Regards
      Klaus Mogensen

  36. I'm still a new DJ, but since the beginning I love VDJ for it simplicity to use and I'm trying hard to improve myself on the use of software. I wonder if this new "sandbox" will "consume" more from microprocessor? and/or it will require "very powerful" laptops? Hope the designers had already tested, but still what possibilities of crashing, etc is my concern. A part from that, it seems interesting and with the practice I think could help new DJ like me to "try" the next mix before hand.
    I wanna try it soon!

  37. thephreak says:

    where is the timeline edditing mode..did they kick the idea ?

  38. Shame it's taken soooo looooonnnggggggg!!! Personally, I wish that they had carried out the rewrite on a cut down version of VDJ8 and released it then released the new features as they became available. To announce a new product nearly 2 years before it's ready is ridiculous.

  39. Hi everyone... especially
    I have been waiting for VD8 too...BUT am really upset about no mention of a split cue software feature. I am old school and STILL can not DJ without one ear off and listening to the maser and one ear on listening to the cue. EVERYONE gets rude and says "learn to DJ with both the master and mix in both ears at the same time" blah blah... and funny enough, its usually the younger generation saying it, I had a hard time going from records for year, then cd's, then mp3's and can not retrain myself to do it for some reason. Unfortunately some of the places I play have no monitor, and the speakers are sometimes far from me! I have been bringing a mixer not to mix (i like to do it internally) but to only out in an earbud and listen to the master out in my other ear! pathetic, I know. I wish VD8 had split cue, or traktor or serato for that matter, it sucks that I have to rely (and buy) an external mixer or controller that has it, simply to have this function. I don't have too many choices (Denon MC-6000, Numark Ns6 (too heavy for me as is the 4track), 61 (too expensive) any suggestions for dj controllers or mixers I may not know about that offer this function? Thanks!

  40. I just want that version 8 has better sound effects. At this point, SeratoDJ and Traktor are superior to VirtualDJ.

    I choose VirtualDJ because has one of the best and fastest browsers.

  41. I am jealous and I cant wait to get my hands on it. it looks pretty cool

  42. They still need to at least match Traktor's fidelity, let alone even attempt to come close to Deckadance. DD2 has ratcheted things up another notch and is stunning sounding, though Imageline has unfortunately introduced various glitches. There's no comparison in the sound dept, though. A true pro engine. I'm hoping this new sound engine VDJ uses will allow me to use it without being embarrassed by the SQ.

  43. Richard Oropeza says:

    I just purchased the Hercules RMX 2, will I be able to download V DJ 8 when it comes out?

  44. Love Virtual been using it when automix was a baby. Video Dj is my passion Virtual Dj is my heart!

  45. Omega Masterplay says:

    Is there any new effects like on traktor on the vdj7.4 and vdj8

  46. Does not matter much to me features.
    I want stability with decks and mixers .
    High accuracy in scratch
    Low processor consumption as the vdj7 is using too much.
    Then all the rest can make me happy

  47. Fanie The Villain says:

    Vdj is good.expecially for beginners its sinmple to understand,personally I think they did a good job on version 8 not much has has changedi mean you could still see that its vdj if you first look at it but just upgraded,and yeah a lot of djs who use traktor did essentially start off with vdj.

  48. Vdj is the best out there , video quality are also better than Serato , Serato is more for kids djing than Professional Djs , this is how you separate boys from the men's.Keep up the good work VDJ

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