Pioneer S-DJ 50X, S-DJ 60X & S-DJ 80X DJ Monitors Launched

S-DJ X Pioneer

Pioneer's new S-DJ 50X, S-DJ 60X and S-DJ 80X powered monitors are aimed directly at DJs.

The S-DJ X range of speakers from Pioneer has just been announced, squaring up firmly to the likes of KRK as a basic, high-quality powered monitor range aimed directly at DJs. The front-ported speakers come with 5" (S-DJ 50X), 6" (S-DJ 60X) and 8" (S-DJ 80X) woofers, are front ported, and have an auto-standby mode for their class AB amplifiers. They also have high frequency adjustment for tuning them to your room and their position.

Pioneer promises that the speakers will deliver tight, strong bass, even at high volumes, and have a wide "sweet spot" making positioning easier and practice sessions more fun. The S-DJ X series will be available from the end of September 2013 in black except the 50s which are in white too, at a suggested retail price of €149/£129 (S-DJ50X), €199/£169 (S-DJ60X) and €249/£199 (S-DJ80X). Note that these prices are per speaker.

What monitors do you use? Are you looking at buying some, and if so, do these look like they might change your mind? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I have the yamaha hs80m's, and I am truly in love with them! I think people ought to consider tradition in the business and the purpose of the monitors, but studiomonitors attract my brain more than dj-monitors. Just the definition dj-moniors make me question the neutrality of the sound coming out.

    • howitzer says:

      very true! I myself am looking at the HS80's for my next studio upgrade. But those 8" monitors stack up at roughly the same price point. I'll be interested to see how they stack up against the competition.

  2. I have the Behringer TRUTH B2031A, which totally work for me. I heard that they switched to cheaper components at some point, but I'm pretty sure my speakers are not from that series.

    As for Pioneer: it's obvious that they are seeking for turnover. Their business is not going well, because their pro-DJ range is selling less. Not sure what to think of their move to start selling mid-range and even budget products. People are (still) buying it for the name, whilst they still get more for the same money when they buy similar products from the other brands like Numark and Reloop.

    • We won't be able to judge that until we test these speakers, but they're certainly not "budget" in most amateurs' eyes, I'm sure.

    • HankBizzle says:

      +1 for the Behringer B2031A's, awesome speakers that can throw out some outstanding sound quality and volume! Excellent price too.

      Dunno about the actual quality but the newer B3031A's certainly don't 'look' as good quality as the 20's.

  3. Do you think these can pair as studio monitors as well?

  4. DJ SpecializED says:

    Mackie monitors here. Sound fantastic.

  5. Any thought as to whether there are meant to replace the Pioneer S-DJ05, 08's that you've reviewed in the past? Any thoughts on the differences (other than price)?

    Not in the market, just curious. I use B&W 685's for my monitors.


  6. Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

    Why do they keep calling these DJ Monitors? One thing they are glaringly unusable for is as a DJ Booth monitor speaker. Or to be transported period.

    So far the Numark NPM-100s are the only ones that got it right. Far from (sound)technically perfect, I won't be using them as studio monitors, they are solid (and, granted, heavy :-)), pack a 100W RMS punch and compact. Due to two fullrange 5" drivers sitting next to each other in a case that is hardly wider than a 5" speaker.

    They are built like a tank and feel like they can survive a 4 feet drop to a hard floor. The drivers are well protected behind a very strong metal grill.

    I have mine attached to a mic stand adapter that allows me to change the angle of the speaker. It doubles as a voice/speech stage monitor if I have someone doing announcements sometimes.

    It's loud, there's bass and high end plenty and it's road-ready. And yes, you can use them at home too.

    I think that is what a DJ monitor should be, something for the road that you can use at home too, not something you can only use at home.

    Anything that can't handle the road shouldn't be marketed as a "DJ" monitor.


  7. I'm planning to buy Rokit KRK 5 soon and despite DJing and producing I don't think these will sway me to change my mind for the same price...

  8. I had the Rokit KRK 5's and they where awesome! But, I live in a apartment and the KRK's had a lil too much thump (not in a bad way, it was very clean) so I returned them and got the M Audio AV40 and they're great for my set up. Definitely recommend the KRK's (if neighbors aren't too close). Also recommend the AV40's if you're in a budget.

  9. Perrified says:

    Hoping pioneer will have these speakers set up at the BPM show in Birmingham in a couple of weeks

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