Friday Roundup: Never Wear Shoes, And Other Secrets To DJ Success

Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim shares his rules of DJing. Follow them at your own risk, folks!

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Meanwhile, we've got a great Friday roundup. There's some tips from Fatboy Slim, Avicii and more on how to succeed as a DJ, a whole book on the "class of '88" - the original acid house explosion, a revealing look into the life of a nightclub doorman, and finally a more lightweight piece on how what we listen to music on affects our experience of it. Enjoy, have a great, great weekend... and do grab that course while it's 50% off!

  1. Never Wear Shoes, And Other Secrets To DJ Success - Some serious and not-so-serious advice from a host of top-name DJs on what it takes to succeed in this game, brought to us by In The Mix Read more
  2. One Night In The Life Of A Club Bouncer Revealing read about what it's a really like to be doormen at a London club, from the ever-reliable Vice website Read more
  3. The Class Of '88 - Whether you were there or not, this is a gripping page-turner: A whole PDF book recounting the true story of the acid house explosion in the UK 25 years ago. Many of the music genres we love today were born right here Read more
  4. How Do You Listen To Modern Music? - A tongue-in-cheek look at how what we listen to music on affects how we hear it, from The Guardian. A grain of truth here but I am sure you'll disagree with some of it... Read more

What was your favourite story out of these? Please share your comments below.

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  1. Thought the bouncer article was honest and refreshing. In a way they're the unsung guardians of the scene and their presence is make or break for the mood and energy of the night

  2. Hey Phil

    Next time you answer the "am I too old" question, you have ammo. 50 DJs over 50 who are still in the game...

    Quite an inspiring read!

  3. Fat boy tells it how it is and I really feel where he is coming from. Wicked!

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