BPM 2013: Reloop RP-8000 Turntable Controller Announced

Reloop RP-8000

Adding Midi to a standard analogue turntable, the new Reloop RP-8000 may turn out to be what many DVS users have been waiting for. (Click to enlarge.)

The only real surprise is that nobody has done it sooner. For everyone who owns or has considered buying turntables and adding Novation Dicers to create a versatile and powerful DVS set-up, here's the Reloop RP-8000 turntable, that gives you all the Midi controls you're likely to need, plus loads more high-tech built right in. A direct driver, 11kg beast, it remains to be seen how close in feel and quality the RP-8000 is to the Technics 1200/1210 (we'll certainly let you know ASAP), but this Midi/analogue hybrid unit looks faithful enough to the classic Technics design to instantly feel "right" - albeit with loads of buttons added down the left-hand side of the unit.

The buttons can be mapped to any DJ software, although a Serato Scratch Live mapping is available right from the off, the whole idea being you don't need a separate Midi controller any more when using a DVS system. So you'll find a library navigation knob, and several "performance modes" (hot cues, loops, samples etc) which can be combined; there's even a user-definable layer for your own controls. Two (or more) RP-8000s can be linked to each other via USB, meaning you only need to plug a single USB into your PC/Mac to enable all of them. Another clever addition is a "scratch-friendly" extra stop/start button on the top left for those who like to rotate their turntables 90 degrees.

While the unit has a line/phono switch meaning you can plug them in to mixers or controller with just line-ins (also negating the need for earthing), it would have been even better to see built-in audio interfaces as well. Imagine these being Traktor Scratch or Serato Scratch Live / Serato DJ certified, with sound cards built in so you don't need a DVS-compatible mixer or breakout box?

The Reloop RP-8000s are supplied with slipmats and headshells, but you'll need to budget for cartridges/needles. Price and availability yet to be confirmed.

Have you been waiting for someone to come out with a turntable like this? What are your first thoughts on seeing this unit? Please share your thoughts on the RP-8000 below.

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  1. Brilliant idea!

  2. Now the question is, will it actually be distributed in the US? Reloop isn't very good at that...

  3. Nice unit,however doesn't the denon sc3900 offer a lot more
    But this is a lovely unit,built in sound card for serato or traktor would have been the game changer.
    I cant see anyone with a pair off 1210s wanting to upgrade to these though,unless the price was good.Most mixers these days have the ability to be Midi,so you can have your hot cues on your mixer

  4. my point with my last comment,is if you have a rane mixer,or even trakors dvs mixer,i couldn't see anyone getting a pair off these(that's if they have 1200,1210s already)

    • I highly doubt anyone with 1200 or 1210 would up down side grate to any TT's unless their got destroyed 😀
      Add these to the Z2 and you could use the button on the Z2 for samples triggering of deck C/D. Also now SeratoDJ is becoming DVS and some of it's controllers will get supported. There will be a marked for new TT's and this has much to offer if priced right and good built.

  5. Another OEM based turntable with a Novation Dicer 😉

  6. Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

    You can make something look like an SL1200 ... but what made the SL1200 unique was it's incredibly high torque motor and a ridiculously heavy platter.

    I wonder how it compares to it's shining example in those two respects when the hands-on review comes out.


    • We'll be able to make that judgement when we test it, Chuck...

      • Torque of Vestax PDX's and Numark TTX1's are way higher than Technics were. Technics were good, but they DID neglect the DJs by never really innovating. Only after the patents had run out, other brands came with real innovations in turntables.

      • The torque on 1200s was high FOR THE TIME, but the SuperOEM-based decks, which this is one of (although with even more improvements, including the motor), absolutely annihilate the 1200s.

        At its highest setting, it's over triple the torque of the 1200s, with a start/stop time (from a standstill to full speed) of less than half a second. I was also completely unable to stop the platter by pressing down from above as the torque was so high that with the slipmat in place, I just couldn't cause enough friction to stop the platter moving.

    • I wish Audio Technica will make something like this. Their AT-LP120-USB uses the same motor (high torque) and design as Technics. I heard they're sister companies that's why they're allowed to use Technics' parts.

      • John Bigboote says:

        The AT turntables are Super OEMs; they're made at the same Chinese factory, with the same internals, as other Super OEMs from Stanton, etc. They're knock-offs of Technics, not partners. Not a slight; I have the higher-end AT, and it's a great TT.

  7. I've seen a few custom 1200's with Dicer's, but they were never being mass produced like this product.

  8. Isaiah Furrow says:

    nice, I'll be looking into this, I'm reading up so I can choose a good Super OEM type turntable... looking at this, and Stanton..........any others I should check out? hit me up ..... santacreekfurrows at gmail dot com

  9. That's indeed a good idea, specially for DJ's who have not moved yet to Digital and/or would like to keep using turntables for digital vinyl and real vinyl. For me, personally, despite having used turntables in the past, I don't think I'll go back this route.

  10. A great idea from reloop, I just hope they don't price themselves out of the market.

    How much does a good set of 2nd hand techs cost these days? £500?

    If they can come in around that I'd be seriously tempted.

  11. I always get a little irritated when I read all the Technics comments. Have you ever used an OEM or something? Probably not..

    I owned my pare of SL1200's, but I just really got happy when I got my Reloop RP-6000's. More torque, more pitch, more brake, no pitch-'click', Line-output.. The joke is that you can set all the functions of the RP-6000 in 'Technics-mode'. From there, it only gets better!

    The Reloop-RP-8000 is gonna eat every Technics SL1200 around!

  12. I think these are great! Especially for newer DJs who are having a hard time justifying the $400+ US a single technics 1200 goes for. If the price is right and the motor is good n torquey, I might consider upgrading my numark decks to some with midi controls built right in.

    The concept is proven, one of my more full-time dj friends showed me pics of technics with dicers permanently installed into the body of the tables.

  13. Jam-Master Jake says:

    Fascinating idea. I like the idea of a built in Serato soundcard in the unit, but that would have pushed up the price of this unit immensely.

    So here's a question, that ought to create a stir: does this new turntable controller feature a keylock option? :)

  14. Agree with the review that the addition of a 2in/2out sound card would have been a real bonus...

    USB to lappy, phono to Mixer... job done. Super simple DVS set up.

    But then again, with certain software only working with their own proprietary sound cards, this is probably the most universally acceptable solution - shame really...

  15. I'm really liking the look of these, hopefully by the time I buy some tables the price might come down a tad, and they'll be more available in the US. I'm thinking these with the Z2 mixer will be my step into playing with DVS... Thinking these would eliminate the need for a separate controller to use all of features of Traktor. The other option I'm looking into is AT-1240-LP tables, and then look into an add-on controller. But after looking into DVS more I've decided to get a Z2, I'll be new to Traktor, and be using a controller with Serato still most likely, but it looks fun(z2), and looks like it will give me enough controls to just use it and my current tables for now... then add later. I have a pair of Numark TT1625s that I think will work for starting out, at least with some good slipmats. Would these RP8000 be better than a X1/F1 or similar setup, along with the Z2? or should I get the Audio-Technica tables and research the add on controllers more? Glad I have plenty to learn with my MTP2 and Intro for now, but I can't give up the idea of using Vinyl and also having access to CDs and zip drives...

  16. I have a DJM-850. If I get one of these will I need a separate audio interface or the mixer will do the job? Is it the same for every USB turntable?
    I use Traktor, by the way.

  17. i love reloop

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