Friday Roundup: Top 40 Deep House Tunes Of All Time

Best deep house

Want to know the best deep house tunes of all time? There's a chat below... Pic: Spin Magazine

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Meanwhile, here’s some great stories from around the internet this week. Whatever you’re doing this Thanksgiving weekend, have a great one, and I hope your DJ gigs all go off well!

  1. Top Earning Dead Musicians In 2013 - Well, pretty appropriate for a day called "Black Friday"... no real surprises here in this top 5 from Forbes/Hypebot, and no, Lou Reed sadly hasn't made it anywhere near the top of the pile...Read more
  2. 40 Best Deep House Tracks Of All Time - With deep house being the new EDM (right, USA readers?) it's a great time for a round-up like this, which comes from Spin magazine. Get on Beatport and get an education...Read more
  3. Hot Hand Wireless MIDI controller video review - We were asked to review this, but honestly, we didn't know what to make of it! Our friends over at have done a much better job. Read more

As always, please do let us know your thoughts on these stories, what you’re up to this wekeend, and anything else that’s on your mind in the comments below! Have a good one folks.

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  1. Deep House is a great genre and i made a DJ Mix compilation with new Deep House Tracks:

    Listen and enjoy, I hope you like it...
    Greetings from Munich...

  2. Great link and liked having a peruse through the track. I have been listening and mixing deep house for a long time and there were a couple I had never heard, the top one which blew me away, was the Omar S photo sensitivity track..that shit is amazing, just what I like. For my 2 pennies Deep in It by St Germaine is well up there for me and a little known tack called Hiatus by Frenchie.. Check it out on my Vol.12 mix on my soundcloud page search 1000 CUTTS

  3. I just wanted to say that I love the Friday round up, and I don't want that lack of comments to sink this feature. Keep it strong Phillup!

    Oh, and BTW, if 'deep house' becomes the new genre, and the public follows it, it will have ten times the length of impact that 'EDM' would have. Long may it reign!

  4. Just Jules says:

    That Spin article is actually some of the best descriptive writing on dance music I've ever read.

    Love deep house (or just house, really). Gets my groove on.

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