Friday Roundup: Fastest Growing Group Of Jetset Clubbers? Your Parents

Clubbing mums

Do people ever really grow out of clubibng? Not according to a new UK survey, that reveals a whole new swathe of clubbers hitting the floors after the kids have grown up...

Age is a weird thing in clubland. When we were filming at Ministry of Sound the other month, the music was a "mature" genre (house) and several of the DJs were the "wrong" side of 50, yet the audience was predominantly teenage. On the other hand, where we're based (Spain - Ibiza vibe, innit?) the only credential you need to go clubbing, any age, is whether you can stand the pace. And mobile DJs know you have to play for all generations, too.

So maybe it's actually no surprise that glam mums and rave dads are donning their dancing shoes once the kids grow up and hitting the clubs (once again). That's the subject of our lead story this week - enjoy, and keep at it, whatever your age!

  1. The Fastest Growing Group Of Jet-Setting Clubbers? Your Parents - Australia's In The Mix reports on a new phenomenon out there in clubland. Would you like to bump into YOUR mum at a rave? Read more
  2. Top 5 Traktor Keyboard Shortcuts - I'm a sucker for keyboard shortcuts, and the only thing here is if you've not been using any of these, you may be kicking yourself you didn't realise earlier! Thanks to Traktor Tips for this one Read more
  3. EDM's Mainstream vs. The Underground: Time To End The Hate - Can't we just all get on, asks Billboard Magazine? Sounds like a good plan to us Read more
  4. Rodents On Turntables - Our friends over at DJWorx have found a video that is exactly what it says. Bit of Friday fun for you! Read more
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Want to comment on any of these stories? Spotted anything else of your own around the web you'd like to share with us? Please do so in the comments.

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  1. Wife and I have 5 kids , ranging in age from 21 to 8...and we love to go clubbing. We grew up on the Chicago Club scene from the mid 90's to early 2000's. Unfortunately this younger generation doesn't appreciate the music and all they do is crowd the dance floor watching the DJ. We go to dance our asses off and have fun! We too are planning a few destination as the article suggest. Keep up? Try and slow us down!

  2. The 3rd article really misses the point or the main grip the "underground" has with the "mainstream." It does not bother me how bad Avicii is at DJing nor how bad every Ummet Ozcan track is. What bothers me is that despite these artists being completely irrelevant to dance music, their trash is pushed on us at every opportunity. The author is right in a way that they are completely different. Therefore, their music shouldn't be referred to as Progressive House (or even Electro House as their are many good and legit Electro acts out there) and clog up Beatport, they shouldn't be labelled DJs and clog up DJ rankings, they shouldn't be given club sets clogging up club schedules and they shouldn't be even included in any conversation of dance music.

    They are jump music artists. Their relevance to dance music is on par with rock, pop, hip-hop and a whole host of other forms of music that I like and are good but simply are not dance music.

    (And yes I know the term "dance music" sounds broad, and I as a Latino who loves Dominican music like Bachata should know more than anybody, but I'm referring to it in it's traditional usage in North America and Europe)

  3. The Billboard writer needs to check his facts. Feed Me isnt some johnny come lately who cant DJ propperly..... Feed Me = Spor and that guy is a legend in the DNB world. Great mixing skills as well as production.

  4. "For artists like Feed Me, learning to DJ is merely a means to the end of delivering their own music to the masses."

  5. FrankieBeats says:

    I'd definitely like to run into someone's mom, if you know what I mean.

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