Friday Roundup: How Your Favourite DJ Got Their Name


Mixmag reports on DJs and how they got their names, in the first of our Friday Roundup stories this week... Pic: Mixmag

Well, if you've ever wondered where DJs get their names from, now's your chance to find out! It's the first of our stories in this week's roundup of all that's been happening around the DJ and music industry websites. Have a great weekend, whatever you're up to...

  1. How Your Favourite DJ Got Their Name - Awesome little A to Z from Mixmag. (How did you get your name? Let us know in the comments...) Read more
  2. New Wave Editor For Mac & PC - Let's face it, we all use Audacity, right? Well, now there's an alternative - if you want to pay. CDM has it Read more
  3. Traktor Kontrol S2, S5, and S8 compared - DJ Tech Tools takes a look at the choices of all-in-one Traktor controller out there to decide a victor Read more
  4. 101 Techniques For Breaking Into The Music Industry - It is no easy task, but like anything there are better and worse ways of doing it. Hypebot reports Read more
  5. 8 Websites To Publish Your Music To - So once you've written your first track, it's not all about SoundCloud, as MusicTech reports Read more
  6. The Women Who Shaped Dance Music - Mixmag takes a tour through R&B, hip hop and house to find who's helped shape the music we love Read more
  7. Facebook Wants You To Post Your Mixes On It - ...even though they're slapping you down right now, things might be about to change. Bloomberg has it Read more

Want to comment on any of the above (or tell us know you got your DJ name)? Let us know in the comments...

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  1. Psychofrakulator says:

    My name? I just really like the movie MYSTERY MEN (and thought it's complicated enough to stand out, but not too complicated to say it out loud or memorize).

  2. I got my name from when I was transitioning from one style to another, everything was in a state of change, and then I remembered I was born on the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn, and all good DJs have to be who they are inside... there was no doubt about my name at that point.

  3. I picked my name after observing that the grunge alternative rock of my youth was popular again because of the way pop culture things come back on 20-year cycles. It's also a reference to old school rap names. I stylized it with a period just to give it some flare. I think it's the greatest DJ name ever created and that I am the greatest bedroom DJ in the world.

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