Digtal Djing

Digital DJing on the beach, round the corner from the Digital DJ Tips office

Digital DJing is an exciting new world for both new and established DJs. In the same way as digital photography revolutionised taking pictures, so digital DJ gear is revolutionising the art of DJing.

Whether you're a new DJ, a non-digital DJ who's returning to the art, or you're just ready to make the switch, Digital DJ Tips is for you. If you want to perform in public using modern DJ gear - for profit or fun - we are here to help. Here's how we're set up to help you to fufil your needs:

  • You need to be able to trust what you read - Ever get the feeling you're being sold to? As we're completely independent, with no affiliation with any manufacturers and no hardware of our own to sell, you can always believe what we say about hardware and software. It's your money your spending, so we believe the most important thing is to tell it exactly as it is
  • You need the gear that suits you best - so we review it all, quickly, independently and thoroughly. Our business isn't about trying and sell you high mark-up, expensive products come-what-may; we tell you what's best at all price points. That includes software as well as hardware, plus headphones, speakers, audio interfaces and all manner of digital DJ controllers
  • You want to understand how digital DJing fits in to DJ culture - so we regularly explore the burning questions. How has digital changed the job of the DJ? Where do digital DJs fit in with CD and vinyl DJs? How does digital fit into the DJ booth? How do digital DJs deal with prejudice and resistance to the new tools of the trade? What's different about DJing with computers compared to the old ways?
  • You are passionate about getting better - so we offer tons of tuition including our hugely popular Learn To DJ Free course, plus regular blog tutorials on everything from DJ etiquette to beatmatching, mixing in key to conquering "DJ's block". Our paid-for courses and books are industry leading, with How To Digital DJ Fast in particular having sold 1000s
  • You value practical advice over theory - We are all working DJs. We play out, to real people, regularly. We are not bedroom twiddlers - we're DJs with decades of experience in clubs, on the radio and mobile. We believe DJing is done in public, not behind closed doors
  • You want to be part of a friendly, inclusive community - We welcome all DJs at all levels into our fold. We are here to help. Our carefully moderated community of tens of thousands of DJs is welcoming and eager to help new members

What to do next...

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If you make these commitments to us, we promise to help you on every step of your digital DJing journey, in each and every way we can.

A note about advertising and affiliates

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Charity affiliation


We donate a percentage of our profits to UNICEF, supporting children's rights, survival, development and protection.