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Tens of thousands of DJs have improved their DJing skills through our online training courses. From complete beginner to seasoned pro, we have courses for digital DJs of all levels, using all types of gear, and with every level of aspiration.

Our courses are delivered online, with streaming video and/or downloadable resources, and you can take them anywhere, any time. Unlike college courses, with us, once you have a course, it’s yours for life. Your course/s will be available instantly to you upon purchase, when you’ll be provided with login details, which will also be emailed to you for safekeeping. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

All of our courses are offered with a minimum 12-month right to cancel. If you cancel an order, we’ll refund you promptly – just email us.

Current courses:

How To Digital DJ Fast

HTDDJFThis top-selling online video course from Digital DJ Tips has all you need to get from complete beginner to your first DJ gig in just a few weeks, using any DJ controller. It assumes you know nothing about DJing – music, gear, mixing, performing, setting up in venue – and shows you just the important stuff you need to know to get that first gig under your belt.

Imagine yourself fading out the final song at the end of your first DJ set. The silence as you cut the music lasts only as long as it takes the crowd to realise the night’s over, and roars its approval in your direction! Imagine the feeling. If you’ve stared at your DJ controller not knowing where to start for weeks, months, even years, this is the course for you.

Perfect for:

  • Complete beginners, with or without DJ gear
  • Controller DJs of any type
  • People with a gig booked who can’t DJ yet!

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Pro Mixtape Formula

tape_150_150 Have you spent weeks, months or even longer struggling to record a decent mixtape? If you’re smart, you’ll know that a mixtape for a DJ is utterly essential, like a business card is for a businessman – but be honest, do you think yours actually sound like those of the pros? Do you enjoy making mixes? Do they come easy as you’d like?

Taught in the same style as our hugely popular Acapella Mixing Masterclass, and by a tutor who’s worked on mixes for big names for Ministry of Sound for a decade, this is all you need to turn your raw mixes into the finished product – recording, editing and mastering. Oh and it uses totally free software – get the course and alongside your existing DJ controller and DJ software, you need nothing more.

Perfect for:

  • DJs who can produce a basic DJ mix
  • DJs who want to shortcut making “pro” mixes
  • DJs who need a decent DJ mix, fast, for whatever reason

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How To Make Your Own DJ Edits

Edits logo In today’s DJ world, where everyone’s got the same music, and the same skills, what can you do today – right now – to actually turn heads, to get noticed, to make an impression? Well, making your own DJ edits is a fast-track way to stamp individuality and credibility on your DJ sets.

Pro DJs have been making and playing their own edits to use as “battle weapons” in their sets for decades and this course, taught by our senior tutor Steve Canueto who has edited 1000s of tracks and DJ mix albums, teaches you the pro secrets using free software to get you editing your own tracks, fast!

Perfect for:

  • DJs who want their DJ sets to be individual and remarkable
  • DJs who want to get a foundation in restructuring and re-editing tracks
  • DJs who need to create alternative versions of tracks for radio or podcasts
  • DJs who want to learn the basics of music structure to move into producing their own tracks

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Acapella Mixing Masterclass

acapellaEvery smart digital DJ understands the power of being able to mix acapellas – vocal-only tracks – into their DJ sets. Whether your ultimate aim is to get better paid gigs, add a new DJing skill to your repertoire, make your mixes stand out from the crowd, or just to have more fun with your DJing, you need this essential skill.

If you’ve struggled or given up on learning acapella mixing, we take you by the hand and show you not only that it’s possible for you to do it, but that you can do this quickly and painlessly – while having a massive amount of fun along the way too!

Perfect for:

  • Beginner to intermediate DJs
  • DJs who want to learn production
  • DJs interested in creative skills like sampling, mashups etc.

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The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ

weddingWant to be a successful wedding DJ? To use your music skills to escape a meaningless day job or a boss you hate? Maybe you’re interested in improving your DJing, in earning enough to fund a full-time music industry career, or you want to make the move away from club-style DJing? Wedding DJing can help you to do all of these things. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to make money in DJing – potentially great money.

This potentially lucrative guide lays bare all the steps to becoming a successful wedding DJ using digital DJ gear. You’ll learn how easy it is to charge up to US$1000 or even more for DJing a single wedding – the kind of money most DJs in other fields can only dream of making.

Perfect for:

  • Beginners who wants to learn how to play weddings
  • People wanting to start a DJ business
  • Club DJs who want to switch or add wedding DJing to their skills

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Make Your Own Sample Sets

samplesThere’s nothing quite like the buzz of creatively using samples in your DJing with sounds that you know are totally individual to you, safe in the knowledge that no-one else on the planet is using them in the same way. It adds a whole new level of creativity to your performance – and quite simply, makes you a better DJ.

This course blows the lid on this whole technique, previously something only known by scratch DJs and record producers. It takes you step by step from complete beginner to being able to compile, edit, manipulate and master your very own unique suite of killer samples, then use them in your DJing, using nothing more than your own music collection and easily available free software and resources.

Perfect for:

  • All DJs at any level
  • Controllerists & scratch DJs
  • Radio / podcast / online DJs

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The Digital DJ Masterclass

MasterclassThis self-paced interactive course gives you everything you need to know to go from complete beginner to club-ready DJ in as little as 90 days if you hustle! Commit to putting the effort in, and we will make you into a DJ who can step up to any gear, in any venue, and rock the party. It would simply be impossible to learn anything near what this course contains (about gear, music, mixing, performing, promoting, making a career out of DJing) in one, two, even five years on your own.

Our flagship DJ training designed for those who want to make a real commitment to their DJing and take it to the next level, Digital DJ Masterclass comprises videos, tutor feedback, interviews with part-time and full-time DJs, plus optional webinars and a private “mastermind” group to help you progress faster.

  • Beginner to intermediate DJs who are serious about a career in DJing
  • Digital DJs who want to learn to play on all types of gear
  • Long-time hobby DJs who want to step up to the next level

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Scratching For Controller DJs

scratch Do you want to earn more money from your DJing, have promoters and venue managers calling you for bookings, win the respect and recognition of your friends, other DJs and your audiences – and simply have more fun? It’s easy to feel like this when you’re sat alone in a room with your DJ controller thinking you just can’t get the skills nailed, and scratching is definitely one of those true performing arts of DJing.

In Scratching For Controller DJs, we show you precisely how just by learning the timeless skill of scratching you will get far more DJing success than you’ve ever imagined. Not only will you learn a valuable skill to stand you apart from the crowd, but we’ll show you how to equip yourself with more essential techniques you simply have to learn in order to move beyond elementary digital DJing.

Perfect for:

  • Beginner to intermediate DJs
  • Pro DJs who are new to digital DJing
  • Pro DJs who never learned to scratch

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