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Mate Galic of Native Instruments announcing the new format, at Miami's Winter Music conference last Friday.

Native Instruments Launches Multitrack Music File Format

Native Instruments has announced a new multi-track file format for DJs and producers, called “Stems”. The new, open format allows a track to be released with four “parts” (or “stems”) – for instance drums, bassline, harmony and lead – that DJs can then use for advanced mixing using isolated parts of each track.

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Review & Video: Crane Stand Elite

Crane Hardware has got a great rep in the DJ industry largely on the strength of one product, the original Crane Stand. Now the company has come up with the Crane Stand Elite – a lighter, more adjustable take on the idea. But is it any good? We find out in our full review & video.

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Videos: KUVO Connects DJ Booths To Fans’ Fingertips

Pioneer DJ just released two new videos explaining its KUVO technology, aimed at club owners and DJs. KUVO is the company’s hardware and software system that interfaces with Pioneer DJ gear to stream track data to the KUVO website and mobile app. For DJs, this means they can let fans know what they’re playing instantly.

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The 6 Powerful Daily Habits Of Successful DJs

What is it that successful DJs do “behind the scenes” that others don’t? Sure, they are clearly networking with the right people, they obviously obtain (and often make) great music, and they demonstrably know the technical skills of DJing. But what is it they do that keeps them laser-focused on success when others fall by the wayside?

If you want to get the big gigs, you need to play the big game, and that involves working out and delivering what promoters really want.

Getting Gigs: What Promoters Are Really Looking For

During my long career in music (working on both the DJ side and the promoter side of bookings), I have picked up some valuable insights into the relationship between DJs and event promoters. There is a fairly large disparity between what many DJs feel promoters want and what the majority of promoters are actually looking for.

Press Kit

6 Press Kit Essentials You Need Right Now

You may be the hardest working DJ in your part of town, but all your efforts grinding aren’t reaching their maximum potential if you don’t have a convenient way for fans and promoters to find out more about you. Solution: Make a press kit. Here’s what to put in it…

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