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Your Questions: Which Is The Best Portable PA System?

Digital DJ Tips reader DJT writes: “I’m 16 and have been doing gigs for about two years. Although I’m pretty pleased with my current set-up, everything is too big and heavy. I have a Numark 4trak that I can carry, but my speakers are a different story! I own 2 JBL Eon 615 Speakers which […]

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Review & Video: Allen & Heath Xone:43C Digital DJ Mixer

For many DJs, a digital DJ controller is a great way to play. But for some, the flexibility, expansion potential and usually superior audio quality available through building a DJ system from separate components means that this is often a preferred route. Allen & Heath’s Xone:43C is designed to be the heart of just this type of system.

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Video Tutorial: Hercules DJ Control Jogvision

One of the most interesting controllers from the past 12 months has been the Hercules DJControl Jogvision, the company’s first Serato DJ controller, and one differentiated from the pack by its truly awesome jogwheels. These jogs are so good they’ll be like a breath of fresh air to anyone coming to controller DJing from vinyl or CDJs.

Getting Started With Stems & Traktor, Part 1: Choosing Stems

So many of you have been asking us how to get started DJing with Stems files on your new Traktor hardware. Stems is the new multitrack DJ music format that controllers like the Kontrol S5. To help you have fun quickly with them, we have some pointers, gleaned from our experiments with the format.

Should You Join A DJ Download Pool?

Download pools are special music subscription services aimed at working DJs. For a set monthly fee, you get access to unlimited music downloads for use in your DJing – no restrictions, no strings. To help you decide if joining a download pool would be right for you, I spent some time chatting to Nick Hahn, director of marketing at Promo Only.

So You Want To Be A Wedding DJ…

Maybe you feel that your club gig is constantly short changing you, or maybe you just want a change of scenery. Whatever, there are significant differences between rocking a club crowd and a wedding venue dancefloor that one has to consider before taking the plunge. Here I take a look at them, along with some dos and don’ts.

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