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Controller Clinic #34: Remix Decks vs SP-6 Sample Player

Reader Robert writes: “My question is about the SP-6 decks in Serato which I assume are the equivalent to Traktor’s Remix Decks. Traktor has a huge library of remix packs which can be bought to supplement the free stuff. I have checked out Serato’s website and I cant find any substantial material/packs.”

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Video Review: Decksaver DJ Gear Covers

We review lots of DJ gear cases, backpacks, trolleys and so on here, but one of the big issues with protecting your expensive controller is making sure its knobs, faders and buttons are protected in transport, and it’s kept dust-free when not. That’s where Decksaver covers come in.

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7 Places To Legally Download Free DJ Music

Downloads are the music industry’s equivalent of a digital elephant in the room: While music is readily available and freely searchable online, there are some ethical considerations whenever you download an artist’s music “for free” when it’s something that you should be paying for. Here are the best sites today for guilt-free downloading at no cost.

Dedicated DJ Space

How To Have Better DJ Practice Sessions

DJing used to mean carefully picking out your vinyl, packing them in your bag, and spinning them on a pair of Technics turntables. Getting “behind the decks” meant you could only do one thing when faced with a mixer and the wheels of steel: DJ. How things have changed…


Video: Bluffer’s Guide To Scratching, With DJ Angelo

Don’t know your chirp from your crab? Difficulty differentiating your hamster from your hot cue? Maybe you need to watch our pal DJ Angelo’s entertaining video where he explains the differences between some of the classic scratch sounds and techniques using vinyl.

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