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Control Your Own Light Show With Serato DJ & SoundSwitch

You'll soon be able to control your own light show by spinning with Serato DJ: Serato just announced that its DJ software will be compatible with SoundSwitch, a hardware / software platform that syncs lighting to music.

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Review & Video: Virtual DJ 8.2 Software

Since launching Virtual DJ 8 in 2014, Atomix has been churning out updates regularly. In this review we'll look at the new features of Virtual DJ 8.2, namely Ask The DJ, which is an online song request feature, and the new pads layout and Pads Editor window.

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All You Need To Know About DJ Technical Riders

Do you ever wonder how the world's biggest DJs can just walk onstage, plug their USB sticks / laptop in, and get going? That's because professional touring DJs have what's called a technical rider. We take a look at what the rider is and how to make one for yourself.

How I DJ With Stems Part 4: Prepping Your Stem Loop For DJing

In part four, the final instalment in this series, we'll prep your Stem Loop production in Traktor Pro 2 to get it ready for you to drop. We'll be placing Loop points throughout chunks of the Stem Loop: Loop points are like cue points in Traktor, but this time whenever you press the hot cue button, it automatically engages a loop as well.

How Anyone Can Finish A Tune In A Day, Part 3: Yeah, But Is This Really Producing?

In this third and final instalment, we'll go through some common questions about using our method for producing a tune quickly. It's not one of the the "traditional" ways of music producing, but there are hundreds of ways to go about producing a song, and that's what's great about making music.

Last Chance To Save $70 On New Serato, Traktor & Virtual DJ Courses

Want to finally get fully to grips with your DJ software, whether that's Serato DJ, Traktor Pro or Virtual DJ? Then check out these THREE major new DJ courses from Digital DJ Tips, that will help you unlock the mysteries of your DJ software, whatever your ability.

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