Your Questions: How Do I Write A Resume & Covering Letter For A DJ Job?

Including a resume and covering letter with your DJ mix can help you to stand out from the crowd when applying for positions. Here's how to do it.

Digital DJ Tips reader Deejay Dingo writes: “Two of the top radio stations in my country are looking for DJs/announcers, and hey have asked DJs to submit demos. But, in my application I would also like to add an air of professionalism by presenting my demo with a cover letter and resume/CV. Do you have any tips for me?”

Your Questions: Can DJing Ever Be A Reliable Career?

Native instruments just launched their "Dual Brains. Wanted." careers drive to get new talent into its Berlin and LA offices. Many people who work for DJ companies are also DJs themselves.

Digital DJ Tips reader Rasmus writes: “I am in a sort of dire situation here. I am a very passionate DJ, not quite of age yet. Thing is, my parents are not too hyped about my passion; they think that DJing is in fact not a real career, and that I should most definitely have a ‘real job’ along with having DJing as a ‘hobby’ to do in my free time.”