Your Questions: How Do I Write A Resume & Covering Letter For A DJ Job?

Digital DJ Tips reader Deejay Dingo writes: “Two of the top radio stations in my country are looking for DJs/announcers, and hey have asked DJs to submit demos. But, in my application I would also like to add an air of professionalism by presenting my demo with a cover letter and resume/CV. Do you have any tips for me?"

Your Questions: Can DJing Ever Be A Reliable Career?

Digital DJ Tips reader Rasmus writes: "I am in a sort of dire situation here. I am a very passionate DJ, not quite of age yet. Thing is, my parents are not too hyped about my passion; they think that DJing is in fact not a real career, and that I should most definitely have a 'real job' along with having DJing as a 'hobby' to do in my free time."