Review & Video: Pioneer RM-05 Active Monitors

Maybe because nowadays every DJ wants to add the "slash producer" to what they do, maybe because of Pioneer's producer-focused Toraiz series of instruments, or maybe just because the company wants gear in all sectors of the electronic music game - whatever the reason, it now has some pretty serious studio monitors in its range. Today we review the Pioneer RM-05s.

Review & Video: Samson MediaOne BT4 Bluetooth Speakers

Today we've got the Samson MediaOne BT4 speakers for review, which are a pair of desktop speakers that come with Bluetooth connectivity. They're made for a wider range of use other than DJing, so we take it to task to see whether they're a pair of monitors you'd want to have around your bedroom practice space.

Review & Video: KRK Rokit 4 G3 Active Monitors

KRK's new baby monitor is the Rokit 4 G3, so called because it has a 4" woofer, of course with the iconic yellow cone that defines the brand. Suited to small home studios, bedrooms and anywhere where space is at a premium, these are likely to be pushed into service as desktop monitors for DJs and budding producers.

Review & Video: Samson Resolv RXA5 Active Studio Monitors

The Samson Resolv RXA5 is an active, bi-amped studio monitor speaker that ought to appeal to DJs looking to set up a first home studio for both DJ practice and production. Unusually at this price, it has a ribbon tweeter, which is claimed to provide smoother treble for less fatiguing long term listening. Here's our review..

Review & Video: Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitors

Looking to upgrade your home DJ practice room / studio with new speakers? If you're ambitious and have outgrown your first set, or simply are still using those gaming speakers you recommissioned when you bought your DJ controller, the Yamaha HS7 is a model you should consider.

Review & Video: Pioneer DJ S-DJ60X Monitors

There’s a burgeoning market out there for decent-sounding speakers than won’t break the bank. Enter the Pioneer S-DJ60X, the middle in a new range of entry level monitors from the company.

Review & Video: Reloop Wave 5 Active Monitor Speakers

Looking for some practical, good looking, versatile and great-sounding powered speakers? The Reloop Wave 5s may be just what you're looking for.