Review & Video: Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitors


Looking to upgrade your home DJ practice room / studio with new speakers? If you’re ambitious and have outgrown your first set, or simply are still using those gaming speakers you recommissioned when you bought your DJ controller, the Yamaha HS7 is a model you should consider.

Review & Video: Pioneer DJ S-DJ60X Monitors


There’s a burgeoning market out there for decent-sounding speakers than won’t break the bank. Enter the Pioneer S-DJ60X, the middle in a new range of entry level monitors from the company.

Review & Video: Reloop Wave 5 Active Monitor Speakers

Reloop Wave 5

Looking for some practical, good looking, versatile and great-sounding powered speakers? The Reloop Wave 5s may be just what you’re looking for.

Pioneer S-DJ 50X, S-DJ 60X & S-DJ 80X DJ Monitors Launched


The S-DJ X range of speakers from Pioneer has just been announced, squaring up firmly to the likes of KRK as a basic, high-quality powered monitor range aimed directly at DJs.

Your Questions: Can I Use My iPod Dock Speaker To DJ With?

Most iPod speaker docks have an Aux input, which means with the right lead, it's perfectly possible to use one as a DJ monitor - assuming it goes loud enough, of course!

Digital DJ Tips reader Terry writes: “This may seems a little silly. I was watching one of the videos for your Learn To DJ Free online course, about speakers for home use. I am currently using an iPod dock speaker which also doubles as my computer speaker via an Aux cable. I was wondering whether it is possible to practice DJ with it?

A Beginner DJ’s Guide To Monitors, Part 3: Getting Your Room Acoustics Right


in A Beginner DJ’s Guide To Monitors, Part 3, we’re going to look at how your room acoustics affect what you hear from your speakers, and some things you could consider doing to improve the overall “sound” of your DJ practice room, which will also help minimise any annoying sound issues you may be experiencing.

A Beginner DJ’s Guide To Monitors, Part 1: Choosing Your Speakers


in this brand-new three-part series, we’re going to look at the three things you absolutely need to get right in your home monitoring system: Choosing great speakers in the first place, setting them up correctly, and getting the room acoustics as ideal as possible where you practise. This week in part one, we’ll look at speaker selection.