Your Questions: Should I Play Two Gigs In One Night?

Digital DJ Tips subscriber Sigmar writes: "I am sometimes invited to two or more clubs on the same night. And I guess that DJing in competing clubs in the same city or town is sometimes not a good idea. What do you think? Have you ever done this?"

Over To You: "I'm My Own Worst Critic!"

Our reader writes: “Tonight I had a number of people come up to me after my set and tell me how much they liked it, how much I’ve grown as a DJ, and such. It felt kinda awkward, because for me it was just an ‘OK’ set and I was mostly thinking of what I could have done better."

Your Questions: Can I Have Your Whole Tunes List Please?

Our reader writes: “Please could you share the list of the 600 tracks that you say you regularly DJ with; if not, at least would you share your top 20 to 50 favourites so that I can start digging and reaching more?"

How To DJ Warm Up Sets (And When To Break The Rules)

To DJ warm-up sets, you need to know the rules. Find out how to DJ warm-up sets, what warm-up DJs are expected to do, and when you can ignore the rule book...

Your Questions: Is It Legal To Upload DJ Sets To The Internet?

Reader Jim writes: “I’ve uploaded excerpts from previous DJ sets onto SoundCloud and I’ve been sent this email which has removed one of the tracks. Question is: is it legal to upload a DJ set?

Your Questions: How Do I Keep A 4-Hour DJ Set Interesting?

Reader Mad Pharoah writes: “I’ve always messed around with DJing and now I’m in college, I’m taking it fairly seriously. So what should I play in the beginning of my set, and how should I handle transitions?"

How To Play Your First Digital DJ Set

Your first digital DJ set in public is going to be nerve-racking. Like a good theme park ride, you'll probably hate it... till the moment it stops and you scream "again"! Here are seven tips to help make sure you do a good job, and hopefully even manage to enjoy it (a bit)...