[NAMM 2015] The Best Of The Rest

We braved the massive crowds from Hall A all the way to the depths of Hall E to bring you NAMM 2015's Best Of The Rest for DJ's and producers alike. Four days simply aren't enough to cover all the excellent gear and technology on display at this year's show, but we did out best to search high and low for interesting bits to include in this roundup.

Review & Video: Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones

Whenever you read our reviews of highly marketed headphone brands, you may notice that often, down in the comments, some reader quietly proclaims: "I've had my Ultrasones for years, and I wouldn't use anything else." So we're pleased to have our first Ultrasones - the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro model - for review today.

Pioneer Launches HDJ-1500 DJ Headphones

Pioneer has this week launched the HDJ-1500s, a new model in its headphone range, Promising durability, better isolation and higher output than their predecessors, the HDJ-1000s, they also sport a rather stylish updated look.

Video: DJ-Tech Dragon 2 DJ Controller & Standalone Mixer

DJ-Tech announced and had on display its latest product, the flagship Dragon 2 DJ controller, at its stand in NAMM 2012.

Review & Video: DJ-Tech 4Mix Controller

So when we got our hand on a pre-production controller DJ-Tech 4Mix, we were both pleased and intrigued. Not only is this controller smaller and simpler than anything we've covered recently, but there's some fresh thinking going on here too.

The Kontrol S4 Clones Are Coming...

It was probably inevitable that pro audio companies would look to the global success of the Traktor Kontrol S4 and wish to replicate its balance of features, which is at first analysis what DJ-Tech has done with this as-yet unnamed forthcoming controller.

Review & Video: DJ-Tech X10 2-Channel Digital Mixer

Since digital blew the DJ world apart, mixer technology like everything else has had some catching up to do. The DJ Tech X10 is one product that's arrived to fill that gap: It's the ubiquitous two-channel mixer, thoroughly re-thought for the digital age.