9 Tips For Success At Your First DJ Gig


Your palms are sweating and your heart is racing. You could cut the nervous tension with a knife. The club is full of expectant people who all want to see what you can do. All eyes are on you as you step behind the decks and prepare to pull off what just a short while ago might have seemed impossible to you.

Your Questions: How Do I Know I’m Ready For My First DJ Gig?


Digital DJ Tips reader DJ Grimm writes “How do I know when I am ready to do a DJ gig? I have the skills down, but I am not sure if I am ready as I never have performed before.”

Your Questions: What Should I Play At A School Disco?

Is there such a thing as a school disco playlist? I'd say chart is the place to start... and probably it's the place to end too.

Digital DJ Tips reader Nick Bohannan writes: “I have been asked to be the DJ at a school disco, and remembering your advice to play gigs as soon as possible, I took the booking! Thing is though I have only just started. However, the disco is next term which gives me six weeks to pick good songs. But what do I play?”

7 Big Mistakes I Made At My First DJ Gig (And Why It Was Still Great Fun)

Drinking Ladies

So I did it. I got and played my first gig. Many people will say that you never forget your first time. With everything that went wrong in my first gig, I can certainly say that’s a true statement! So here, for the sake of helping others, are my seven biggest mistakes from the gig…