Friday Roundup: 10 Strange & Amazing Scratch Stories

In a special Friday Roundup to celebrate the return of our hugely popular FREE week-long scratch training course for digital DJs next week, here are some incredible scratching gems from around the web. Prepare to be amazed, amused and surprised at these "best of the best" scratch articles and videos.

Your Questions: Can I Use DVS With An iPad?

Digital DJ Tips reader Duncan writes: "I was just wondering, is it possible to plug my existing record decks into my iPad and use it as a DJ system? I don't want to use a laptop as I love using my iPad for music, but haven't seen anything. Is it even possible?"

Video: How To Set Up The Pioneer DDJ-SX For Scratching

In this short video, Digital DJ Tips scratch tutor, the man behind our Scratching For Controller DJs course, Steve Canueto explains how to set up a Pioneer DDJ-SX for scratching.