Over To You: How Do I Find Songs That Go Well Together?

Digital DJ Tips reader Robert writes: “Was curious as I’m trying to get a better grasp of DJing. Is there a method you use when grouping songs together to play, to make sure they go together?"

Your Questions: Am I Relying On Key Mixing Too Much?

Digital DJ Tips reader David writes about his DJing: "I think I’m focusing too much on getting the key changes right, whilst wanting to get some specific tunes in… am I over complicating it? Should I just let the music do the talking?"

From The Forum: Your Song Choice & Set Programming Tips

When it comes to programming a DJ set, my number one tip is to sort out a crate of music for the gig before you set off. In other words, do exactly what vinyl DJs used to do. Decide what’s “going with you” and what isn’t. Here are a load more tips...