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    Hey Everybody!

    I’m happy that I can enter such a great community right away and found this page one of the best over the internet to improve my skills and get all the great answers to my questions. Big thanks for that at first! My journey of mixing started like 4/5 months ago, I was already a big lover of rave parties (specifically DNB Neurofunk) and I already knew the community. Music was already my passion for long time. I had previous skills with video edit so I already had some small knowledge of mixing the music but only via soft and mostly just raw cut. My friend just showed me the basics of mixing on DDJ-SR and once I got my first transition that sounded nice I immediately fell in love. I was mixing for 1 month on my brother’s controller Pioneer DDJ-SR and it was a big boom for me in my life since I just left school and I lost all the hobbies even pc gaming lost the magic. Mixing is making me really alive everyday, I just have something to feel excited to get home and mix. Once I posted one of my first mixes online just to get some feedback I got a response from one guy which heard my mix when I sent it to one friend of mine. He was listening to it and I got my first gig in club. Immediately bought my first own setup (Numark NVII with M-Audio Monitors and AKG headphones).. Started to practice immediately and since I’m at work 9 hours every day in week I was just reading aaand reading a lots of stuff on this page. It gave me a lot. Of course I was practicing most of my time when I was at home even at night only with headphones for just the passion. Daily recording my stuff and then listening to it just to mark out my mistakes. Stuff on your page gave me so much that I want to say THANKS here for all the amazing and motivating stuff. My gig is coming on 25. of March. I was nervous but now thanks to your page I feel more prepared and hyped to make this shit happen!

    You may find my recent mix “No Mercy” on soundcloud, nick is neurotix. (I couldn’t use the link not sure if bcause of some internal policies or it’s only a glitch so at least this way)

    (I’m not using sync at all, beatmatching by ear, since I have NVII which has displays I’m also not using my laptop screen [most probably I will use it sometimes check during gig just to be sure it’s matched perfectly]) Not a big fan of effects, just slip, auto loop and double dropping)

    If somebody will read it to the end, thanks in advance. 🙂

    Wonderful day full of mixing to you all!

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    Hi and welcome to the forums! Great introduction, thanks.

    Enjoy your time here and good luck on that gig the 25th!


    Alex Moschopoulos

    My wife is from Bratislava. Beautiful country. Have you been to SubClub?

    I got a kick out of the whole scene in Bratislava when I experienced it. Played one night at SubClub and was amazed at how different the scene was with the more industrial-sounding tech house, jungle/D&B, and all the Nu Disco and abstract stuff that was happening. Then on a flipnote, you have trance producer ReOrder, also from your country. He also makes great stuff (in my opinion).

    What part are you from?



    Hello, what a coincidence, that’s the club where I’m going to play!! I’ve been there a lot of times but on neurofunk dnb actions only. Since neurofunk became so popular here we have almost every weekend some headliner, which is a big thing for Slovakia. Unfortunately I don’t know ReOrder, I’ve never been a part of trance community even trance or industrial. But yeah, people do like hardcore and industrial here. Long time I was a huge fan of dubstep, drumstep then I found neuro as the main genre of the non-mainstream parties with amazing community. I unfortunately don’t have any experiences with house or trance community here. I’m currently living here in Bratislava because of the job but I’m from the middle of the country, close to the city Nitra. I’m shocked that you came up with the exactly same club. I will take it as a good sign!

    Thank you for your response D-Jam and say hello to your wife! 😉
    World is small.

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