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    Stéphane Seroussi

    Hi guys,

    I’m coming to you because, I don’t know what to do. I’m using a Denon MCX800 and since I’ve bought a new MB Pro 15 Touchbar, Serato DJ has become very instable, it crashes at every gig. Of course I’m in touch with the Serato support team, and did all the optimizations I had to do (corrupted files, settings..) but honestly they are useless. I use to run the software nicely on a small MB Air before, and now with this top notch computer it’s a nightmare ! I wanted to let you know because maybe some of you have the same issue. Let me know.


    Peter Lindqvist

    Give a shout out to Mr Vintage. He’s the guru of Denon/Serato and foremost the MCX-8000 here on the forums. I’d be surprised if he can’t guide you out of your troubles. This is his preferred setup for the moment and it’s hopefully just a matter of getting the settings right. If not, and your settings are spot on, it should point to what hardware is faulty so you can get it repaired. I feel for you. It’s a mess when you can’t trust your gear. Good Luck!


    Stéphane Seroussi

    Thanks Peter for your warm words, I’ll get in touch with him


    Stéphane Seroussi

    Btw How can I get in touch with him ?


    Peter Lindqvist

    Hey again. Mr Vintage is here always, if not online, in his mind. I’d be surprised if he hasn’t already seen this and will get back with an answer when he’s got the time. He’s very experienced in all aspects of digital dj’ing with 30+ years in the booth. I would love to help you, but my experience is more on the stand alone units where the software is more of an optional choice. That’s the best with this forum, because you’ll find people with deep knowledge of all aspects of Digital DJ’ing. I’m the Pioneer Rekordbox/PC stand alone gear type of DJ, while Mr Vintage is the Denon/Serato/Software Apple kind of DJ. We’re not always agreeing on which solution is the best for different situations, but I highly respect his person and his knowledge in this matter is outstanding. No one else I’d rather turn to with a problem like yours.

    I don’t know if you can change the heading but you can always create a new post and include Mr. Vintage in the heading. He will see that, I’m sure 🙂 .


    Wow, talking about endorsement! No pressure right? 😀
    I was online a tad less the last few weeks due to some physical issues (nothing life-threatening!).

    On-topic: First question that comes to mind is that there is a beta-version of appleOS (as OSX is now called) out there, which specifically deals with the touchbar. I’ve heard other stories of DJ Software (like Mixvibes Cross) going AWOL there with other controllers. While initially thinking that the beta software was to blame (which it usually is if things that worked, suddenly don’t work anymore), now I am starting to wonder if there isn’t a link to the actual (touchbar) hardware.

    Unless, of course, you ARE using that beta.

    Do you have another (brand/model) controller you can borrow to try and see if it crashes Serato as well? If it does, that will at least eliminate hardware failure from the equation. Mind you, if things go wrong when changing something in your setup, the last thing changed is usually where the problem lies. While possible (Murphy is almighty), it is far less likely that your hardware decided to breakdown at exact the same moment you swapped out some gear.

    Over at the Denon site there are some posts, including some settings for the 8000 you could check. Lots of problems seem to occur on the midi front. While you can change the latency in Serato you can (also) change it in the 8000. It’s worth to have a look at that too.

    Hope that helps a bit in the right direction. Let us know how you fare.



    I was only able to test it for an hour, with a fresh intsall MB Pro with touchbar, but it ran fine with my MCX8000. Latest release version of Serato and latest firmware of the MCX.
    However I could have been just lucky, my personal MacBook is 3 years old and my backup 6 years 😛

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