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    DJ Boum Boum

    I have a DDJ-WEGO3 with an iPad 3, connected to a Yamaha MG10XU mixer. The mixer is then connected to different PA-systems depending on the venue.
    There is a very disturbing hum/noise from the DDJ-WEGO3 AC/DC power supply that goes out in the speakers. I have isolated the hum to the power supply of the DDJ-WEGO3.
    I have set a Ground Loop Isolator on the rca-cable from the controller to the mixer and the hum/noise is somewhat diminished but not enough.
    Any ideas what could be done? Anyone that has had similar issues?
    Cheers, Jonas


    I have used the ART DTI transformer/isolator with some succes. If the mixer supports XLR inputs, you could try the CleanBox Pro or similar.


    DJ Boum Boum

    Thanks a lot DJ Vintage! Will try this out! Cheers!


    Michael P

    heya boum2 i understand that you’ve isolated the hum to the power supply but just in case, is the mic volume on the wego turned off/down (even without a mic plugged in).


    DJ Boum Boum

    Hi again,
    I succeeded in eliminating the hum doing this:
    I unplugged the AC/DC power supply.
    Instead I use the lightning cable output and hooking on USB battery packs.
    Thus I get the the DDJ-WEGO3 running without the AC/DC power supply, and thereby I totally got rid of the hum!

    However another minor problem arose: Now the iPad 3 is not charged/powered via its 30 pin connector to the DDJ-WEGO3. What could be done? Any ideas?

    Is there a connector kit for the iPad 3 that would have a female 30 pin connector (for the cable between the iPad and the DDJ-WEGO3) and a female USB port (to connect to a USB charger)?

    Perhaps the battery pack (5 volts) is not enough to both run the DDJ-WEGO3 and charge the iPad? Is it possible to have a battery pack giving 12 volt?

    Cheers, Jonas


    DJ Boum Boum

    Michael P. Thanks for your question. Yes the mic volume is fully turned down and no microphone is connected. Cheers


    The Camera Connection Kit (CCK) features the option of hooking up something with a USB connector. I think you could hook the CCK up to a powered USB hub (it would charge through the USB port) and then hook up the controller to the USB hub as well. It would then connect to the iPad through its USB port as well.

    Hope any other readers have experience with this hookup. Again, imho, it should work this way.


    DJ Boum Boum

    Thanks for the idea DJ Vintage! I will try to explore this. Cheers!


    DJ Boum Boum

    Hi again, I have tried this and nothing works yet.
    -Three different isolators and the last one being ART DTI.
    -Camera connection for the iPad. 32-pin connector to female USB. From there USB to USB-hub, and connecting the controller via its USB-port to the USB-hub. However, the iPad is not charged and no contact between iPad and controller.
    – iPad to controller via “iOS-port. Controller to battery pack via USB-port. Works and there is no hum, But iPad is not charged.

    I would like to test another AC adapter, but the plug into the controller is not a standard one.

    What to do? ?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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