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    Hi everyone, I’m a fairly beginner DJ/turntablist but a professional musician with some fairly complicated ideas for mixes, I don’t want to outgrow my hardware too quick but also don’t want to over-buy given it’s my first ‘own’ setup and my workflow will evolve gradually until I know my ideal setup. I’m not married to Serato but I know it and like it. I wish it had remix decks but I’m friends with Ableton Live so I can deal.

    I’m also smitten with DVS. My ideal would 2 decks of DVS, 2 decks of midictrl. Or even just 2 decks DVS plus a great pads/SP6 controller. But right now I live in a smallish van and move everyday – not ideal space or safety-wise for turntables.

    Any input/additional ideas/elimination on my options I’ve concluded would be much appreciated:

    – Buy Terminal Mix 8 now, practice my traditional techniques on those big and much-praised jogs, have it for fun and when I actually live somewhere get a DVS setup suitable for my workflow.

    **My bank account likes this idea if anyone can suggest something!** – Buy a cheaper controller mess around with it for the summer then invest the more serious money when I have a more serious place to put everything. I would happily do this plus maybe a Neon/SP1 for the fancy pad control if anyone can recommend a cheap controller that I can usefully practice scratch and juggle on. Any people enjoyed scratching on the Beatmix 4 perhaps? But then if I go much cheaper, I’ll have to pay extra for Serato DJ so.. hmm. I’d also need the controller to be midi mappable. I so nearly bought a VCI-400 several times but brain stops me for the Vestax-out-of-business reasons.

    – Buy 2 X PT01 Scratch + Akai AMX + 1-2 Reloop Neon (or similar). About the same price overall (a bit more once sourced the 7″ control vinyl). Would want to replace AMX with a 4 channel option and replace PT01s with something sturdier eventually. I feel like this might be a heart idea without much brain backup.

    -Buy the MC6000mk2 / S4 (the Ser/Trak decision), deal with those tiny jogs for the now but knowing I can add DVS to them when I have space/money. This made a lot of sense when I thought of it but I can’t stand the thought of those tiny jogs, unless someone can change my mind. Unfortunately in Denmark there’s nowhere I can go and view very much!

    I’m totally overwhelmed in research now so any real-person input much, much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


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    You are low on money as it seems, so forget DVS.
    2x turntables that are at least decent for turntablism will cost you 500-800 bucks EACH.
    They will require monthly service and upkeep, plus needles, tonearms, slipmats and timecode vinyls (they wear out quickly). So we are talking at least an upkeep of 50-100 bucks PER MONTH.

    Hence I would hugely recommend on getting a controller with good jogs (like the reloop) and if you master turntablism on this controller you can go any route you like.
    For example while I still have 2 turntables, I prolly use them once every 2-3 months with a few friends for some layed back session at home. I only DJ on my controller at gigs and I can do I would say 99.9% of all turntablism stuff I can pull off on the controller just as well as on the turntables. Sure you have to get used to no platters moving on their own, but that is an adjustment that takes 10min.

    That is my 2ct after 25+ years of DJing…



    Awesome thank you so much for the insight. I bought A single PT01 for fun which arrived yesterday. I don’t mind spending the money for the right kit, it’s more i can’t envisage decent turntables surviving the vanlife (also I need space to like.. Sleep :p

    Will enjoy the basics for now :p



    Glad to help and trust me it is not only basics.
    You can easy do double shuffle, transformer, slip and skip… all those tricks easy on jogwheels.
    It is not really that different, once you get used to it.

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